Fresh fruity water is one of the most refreshing summer cool-downs but I always end up over-steeping the fruit and making it bitter. To fix that I started making it this way! This makes a fruity concentrate that you can dilute to make it as strong or light as you want the flavor to be. I keep refilling the refrigerated fruit cup all day and make a different combination each morning.

For more creative ways to stay hydrated go here!

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Elsanna (The Heat scene)
  • Anna:*Pulls Elsa into the bath*
  • Elsa:"I told you, I don't have to use the bathroom!"
  • Anna:"Oh, did I asked you about your bathroom habits? You were killing us out there! You don't fit in, take off that fucking jacket."
  • Elsa:"Is- is a good jacket."
  • Anna:"Really? You look like you are gonna sit on the table and do their fucking taxes, take it off!"
  • Elsa:*starts taking it off*
  • Elsa:"My God. This is ridicoulous."
  • Anna:"Just take it off now!"
  • Elsa:"Okay, okay, the jacket is off."
  • Anna:"Now unbotton your bottoms."
  • Elsa:*freaks out*
  • Elsa:"I'm a federal agent!"
  • Anna:"I know, and you look like one."
  • Elsa:"Aaaaaah..."
  • Anna:"You think you are gonna bump into him and he's not gonna think sth is up?"
  • Elsa:*unbottoms her shirt*
  • Elsa:"Okay, better? Can we get out of here now?"
  • Anna:*stares*
  • Anna:"I think it's worst. My fear is to put you into a bikini and that you still looking like a fucking bank teller."
  • Elsa:*rolls eyes*
  • Elsa:"Do you have to use that language, do you?!"
  • Anna:"I'm trying to make a fuckin' point."
  • Anna:*puts her hand on Elsa's face.*
  • Anna:"Ok. Your face, and whatever is beneath this shitty outfit is maybe not terrible."
  • Elsa:"You know, I dress properly, and I-"
  • Anna:"I got it, I got it, it's when this, *points into Elsa's mouth* your big flappin' mouth, starts running. It's just a boner killer."
  • Anna:*touches Elsa's shirt*
  • Elsa:"Wait, what- what are you doing?! What are you doing? What are you doing?"
  • Anna:"I just want you to shut up."
  • Elsa:"Gooooooood..."
  • Anna:*starts cutting Elsa's shirt*
  • Elsa:"Oh my God! I just bought five of this to Boston!"
  • Anna:"I'll cut the other four."
  • Anna:"God, that's a terrible fabric."
  • Elsa:"It was one of my favorites."
  • Elsa:*stares at herself at the mirror*
  • Elsa:"K, I look like if I had been attacked."
  • Anna:"That's not my fault."
  • Elsa:"Oh! It's my fault?!"
  • Anna:*kneels* *starts cutting Elsa's pants*
  • Elsa:"Stop cutting my clothes!"
  • Anna:"I'm making shorts! Everybody likes shorts! Jesus, hold still!"
  • Elsa:"Just... Woah, that feels awkward. Weird. Just don't touch that area."
  • Anna:"Don't hunk down, or you are gonna suck my hand in there."
  • Anna:*finishes* *stares*
  • Anna:"Jesus."
  • Elsa:"What??"
  • Anna:"What are those?!"
  • Elsa:"They're.. They are just my spanks! They hold everything together!"
  • Anna:"Why?! Wha- what's gonna come fucking poppin' out?!"
  • Elsa:"Nothing! It just keeps everything where it's supposed to be!"
  • Anna:"Shit, like medically?"
  • Elsa:"No! No medically, just.."
  • Anna:"You gotta ventillate that oven. There's a lot of compression and heat."
  • Elsa:"It gets plenty of ventilation, thank you."
  • Anna:"Srsly my hands were on fire."
  • Elsa:"K, just stop it." *tries to take Anna's vest off*
  • Anna:"N-no, I don't need that."
  • Elsa:"What do you mean?"
  • Anna:"I... I show my sensuality through movements. When this starts going on it's all... You'll get it."
  • Elsa:"So I have to look like this and you have to look like that?!"
  • Anna:"I know, it's not fair."
  • *both get the hell out of the bath*
  • Anna:"Heat it."
  • Elsa:*makes her best pose. *puts her hands on her hips* *stares sexy at everyone*
  • *Guy stares*
  • Anna:"What are you looking at?"
  • Guy:"I like how your friend's shorts nake me feel in my shorts. Gosh, sorry, that was more cool than I meant it."
  • Elsa:"Let's proceed." *walks into the crowd*
  • Anna:"Oh, God.. We are death."