Sooo, I finally got to doing one of those questionnaires, sooo…
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Basics -
Name: Carly
Birthday: November 16
Favourite colour: Red and medium slate blue.
Lucky number: 7

Height: 5’4 

Talents: Drawing, singing, writing.
Last dream you remember: on this boat everybody was all over me, it was weird.
Can you juggle: Who can?

Arts/sports/both: Arts
Do you like writing: Yup
Do you like dancing: Yes but I can’t d
Do you like singing: I’ve been singing since fore about 10 years, of course.
Fantasies -
Being an English major.
Having somebody like me first.
Dream vacation: Naples or Rome, Italy is the dream destination tbh.
Dream person: None
Dream wedding: 1920’s esque, the place better look like a speakeasy and I’ll be wear a cute dress inspired by flapper wear, but longer, and I’ll have a second dress for the after party that looks like an actual flapper dress.
Dream pet: Two cats and a dog, most likely a German shepherd.
Dream job: Author

Favourite song: Anaconda, Lifestyle, About the Money and Poison.
Least favorite song: None really, even the worst songs have good parts.
Least favorite album: don’t care for albums much

Least favorite artist: Macklemore
Preferences -
Guys/girls/non-binary/all: All! ☺️
Hair color: Jet black
Eye color: Dark brown

Humorous/serious: I guess more serious then humorous, I’m the first one to cry from a joke that I consented to.
Taller/shorter: Tall
Biggest turn-off: “You don’t act like those other girls.” Get away from me you disgusting ass.
Biggest turn-on: Quirky people with happy-go-lucky personality’s, humor and/or intelligence.


name: Carly
nickname: Cmarie, Car, C many others
Birthday: November 16th

gender: cis female

sexuality: questioning pansexual polyromantic
height: 5’4
time zone: EST
what time and date is it there: 8:40 September 8th
average hours of sleep: 7ish 8?
OTPs: cecilos, hayffie, usuk, cucan, cherik, pip/seras
first word to come to mind: bail
last thing i said to my family : He put the pussy in a phosuphu- something. (It was my brother I was talking to)
one place that makes me happy and why: bathrooms, if they’re clean they are very calming places to be.
I sleep under: a cover because I’m a big baby.
beverage: lemonade, lemon tea or cherry/strawberry lemonade

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