Literally have my own contributor page on everyone’s favourite music and culture site in the woooorld. Urgh. I shed a thug tear when I saw my name in the url and on the page. (And now we do the work of filling it up some, I know…)

Shout out to Rookie Mag. My heart is so, so big for those women.

The Fades - Episode 1.01

There’s a couple of things you should know, Paul. One: you’re never as odd as you think you are. And two: the things that scare us are the things that keep us human. Never be afraid of being scared. Just don’t allow being scared to dictate the choices you make.

“Alternative” or “experimental R&B” is a term that needs to die, and that’s why I cheered when I read these words from Twigs. It’s not a genre, but more like a door to condescension. By adding the prefix, it sidelines R&B itself by implying it’s not experimental, boundary-pushing or intellectual. It throws side-eye at the genre, while at the same time claiming to have discovered something worthy within it. To call someone “alternative R&B” is pretty much the ultimate musical negging: it feels like it’s not so far away from saying, “This is innovative… for R&B.” It allows curious outsiders to have their say while still maintaining a spectre of segregation. It keeps R&B perpetually in another room.
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New KOMINAS track and video called #BANANA read about it on the Fader

”..Pakistani-American band’s sunny, singable garage-punk jam, “Banana,” the first of five new videos they plan to film and release before the year’s out. Shot on VHS, the lo-fi footage follows the four-piece as they dart around Philadelphia—on rooftops, through grocery stores—their harmless, slightly subversive humor shining bright. There’s a lot of actual bananas in it, even though the song is lyrically about hoping someone does’t go crazy. ”It’s a post-punk song for children about struggling with religion and identity issues,” the band says over e-mail.  Even if you lose your mind and go bananas/ I’ll stay by your side. It’s pretty sweet, actually.” - Fader magazine

The Fades Episode 1.02

It has to be possible for me to have two lives by being two different people because … I can’t say goodbye to what I have. And because if I do, then I don’t really know what we’re fighting for.

Still so engrained in my memory are the horrific moments that the world witnessed 13 years ago today. Tower 1 at 8:46 and Tower 2 at 9:03. I woke up early as I was going to photograph @lennykravitz for @thefader. Checking the weather for the day & planning out what I wanted to achieve drastically changed due to the attack as you can imagine. As a tribute to all those lost and a show of strength today, I humbly request that Lenny, The Fader and I realign forces to create an image for an important 9-11 charity as a show of unity. Details of how to contribute to this cause will be made available as the project locks in. I will clear my schedule to accommodate this necessary session. @iamrobstone @andycohn @faderfam. Shown are 3 views from the South Tower looking uptown (North Tower pictured), looking towards Brooklyn and Looking towards Staten Island. I feel blessed to have had this experience and to be able to share these photos with you today. Remember the courage of the incredible people who gave so selflessly to try to save others, apply this to your life and help those around you. Keep the memory of those lost in your heart. And remember that nothing is promised… Live and love like today is your last day. Blessings!