survivingrealitywithoutnormality tagged me - 15 things that make me happy!

  1. Sleep
  2. Dragons
  3. Food
  4. Social interactions that turn out easy and fun regardless of expectations
  5. Large, soft hoodies
  6. Good RPG sessions
  7. Having great story ideas and executing them
  8. Notebooks
  9. My friends
  10. Drawing
  11. Good stories
  12. Ridiculous arguments on ridiculous subjects for the fun of it (that I can tell are for the fun of it)
  13. Jewellery
  14. Thunderstorms
  15. Gadgets

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shulamithbond replied to your post “I SURVIVED MY FIRST NIGHT AT FREDDY’S”

I know someone who played FNAF! :) congrats! (do you know if the demo is free+still available, and how much gaming experience you need to do the controls? I’ve been considering trying it.)

Yep, ol’ Katie who is terrified of Batman movies has played FNAF! AND LIVED (haha!) I found a download for the demo here but the full game is only $5 on Steam (free downloadable game client). The controls are very simple, all you use is the mouse to look at the cameras and operate the doors and lights. You should definitely give it a shot!


shulamithbond replied to your post:i had a really scary (possibly intrusive) thought…

please don’t do the thing. at least not with yourself in it, and not in a way where you could get caught. please don’t do the thing.

i wont, mostly bc i never really do stuff in that state n id probably put it out be4 it would spread