Fixing it for myself. No don’t worry. I’m totally fine. I’m cool. It’s okay. ( ಠ◡ಠ )

tbh i am really side-eyeing ppl who say “if you’re triggered by [something problematic] you need to reevaluate why”


who the hell are you to tell someone to “reevaluate their trigger” no matter what it is

are you their therapist or other person who’s obligated to help them through trauma?

yeah i know people will fake it, but would you rather let some harmful asshole slide or fucking traumatize a neurodivergent individual

because it’s beyond harassment to attack someone for their trigger, you’re traumatizing them.

honestly i feel like so much of tumblr, even the “social justice” part, doesn’t give a shit about mentally ill people

even the ones making/spreading nd support posts, i bet you a fucking million that everything in those posts is nullified when it has to do with something problematic

A while back I was tempted to make ‘snotty fandom blogger’ my blog subtitle and now I’m tempted by ‘usually hit or miss’ but I’m too lazy to fiddle with settings

It’s not like I can be insulted by either accusation because they are both completely true

ahhh i see ok this is how i feel

its like its all well and good that the boy is trying to learn abt hiphop by looking at those who invented it like there is noting inherently wrong in that sense but he has to be careful.

bc at the same time its like you shouldn’t base what we do as the marker for what your gonna do. like best thing for non black hip hop artists to do is to bring they own flava to shyt not just study us like lab rats so they can get the formula, regurgitate it and call it new just bc they doing it while not being black.

like rly create something of your own to bring to the moment dont just copy us and use all things black folk do as the measuring stick for ‘hip hopness’.

also not every thing we do is hip hop, not everything black people create is supposed to be absorbed into mainstream ‘popular’ culture. some of the stuff that we make is just for us including some stuff in hip hop culture and thats what makes black american hip hop unique if you want to create that same effect you rly have to look to yourself and your own music history.

kind of a serious post

So about a half hour ago I reblogged a meme and I got like 12 asks and a good portion of them were distressingly callous. As a result of this, I’ve finally done the thing and turned off anon asks.

Let’s make one thing clear : if you want to argue with me, or complain about me in any way in my ask box, you’re still free to do so. It’s just that when I answer a combative ask on anon, I open myself up for bystander scrutiny because it’s impossible to answer those asks privately, while the /person that started the argument/ gets away scot free because they were on anon, and I’m no longer willing to put up with that.

If you’d like to ask me a question that’s art-related, please don’t hesitate to do so. I’ve kept anon asks on for these years because so many people seem to be unwilling to ask me perfectly reasonable questions off anon, but no matter whether you think it’s a question that might be silly or random, I will /never/ be mad about an art-related legitimate question.

I’ll be compiling an FAQ page within the next couple weeks of things that people ask me a lot, to save people some trouble.

All asks will now be answered privately unless they’re relevant to a large group of people.

In other news, I’ve been considering trying to look for a tattoo apprenticeship for a really long time and feel like sometime within the next year or so I’d like to get serious about doing that…. Was wondering if anyone had any advice on that subject AHAHA I’m rly shy w/asking strangers IRL for stuff so I can’t just drop into shops and show them stuff

Heck I had a tattoo apt the other day and I still felt like I was invading the personal space of the artists

also i finally got to play five nights at freddy’s. i got all sucked into the story and the theories without meaning to. it’s too late for me friends go on without me

if i find fanart that emphasizes their robotic parts i’ll reblog it but i know some people are scared of that game so everything will be tagged #fnaf 

:O !

I want to clear something up.

I am no way shipping Stemily. Like HELL NO!

I adore their friendship and it makes me so happy to see my favorite actors who are playing my favorite characters getting along great in real life, have this amazing connection and friendship. That is all. I’ll reblog and like their pictures and gifs forever coz they are my babies. But shipping them is a big NO for me.

anonymous asked:

hey um I see u reblog a lot of dangan ronpa and I was wondering what's it about ? is ig an anime or a video game cause I see posts about dangan ronpa with kind of a video game layout and I'm really confused

its a video game!! theres dangan ronpa, super dangan ronpa 2, and dangan ronpa: another episode in the series of games so far!!

theres also an anime adaptation of the first game, its 12 episodes long!!

theres a lot of other media associated with the series like books, manga, a couple of apps, and even a stage show adaptation!! the base of the series is the video games though!!!