Omabien 1 & 2
  • Omabien 1 & 2
  • ft. Tsukiyama Shuu
  • Tokyo Ghoul Voice Drama

"Omabien" is a voice drama that came with Young Jump Issues No.12 & 13. Featuring Tsukiyama Shuu, it is voice-acted by the TG anime cast. The script was written by Ishida-sensei. I’ve translated the first 2 stories here. In the first story, Tsukiyama tells the gang a scary story from his childhood. In the second one, he visits Helter Skelter. 

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  • Job Interviewer:What are your weaknesses?
  • Me:I keep reading Tokyo Ghoul :Re and convincing myself that everything's going to be alright even though I know in my heart of hearts that Ishida takes some kind of twisted pleasure in making his fans and characters suffer. I don't even enjoy reading it any more, it's honestly gotten to the point where I only keep up with it to make sure that my favourites are doing okay, and they never are. I really don't know why I do this to myself, it's like I'm some kind of emotional masochist. It's like an addiction. I mean, people keep coming up with theories about how Haise/Kaneki is going to get his memories back and how Tsukiyama is going to make a comeback and I'm one of those people, and yet now and then I realise that this probably won't happen in any positive kind of way but week after week I put myself through the same torture, the same heartbreak.