What’s Skidaddle? Skibabble? What?

Watch the video and find out! Starring Blake Jenner, Michael Weisman, Leigh Parker. Also starring Nellie Veitenheimer, Maxfield Camp, Robert Ulrich, and yours truly as… Momo. 

… Yeah, they named me after my dog. Those bastards.

Watch on therealabraham.tumblr.com

This video really challenged me to stretch my patience, thus allowing room for greater understanding and different perspectives. It’s challenging, especially because I can be such a reactive person at times, but this is definitely a video worth watching. I watched it last night and consciously tried to apply its principles throughout today and so far, it’s been a really great day. A day filled with lots of surprises I don’t think I would have otherwise noticed without a conscious effort on my part.

Watch it. You might be surprised yourself at how much weight can be lifted off of your shoulders once you tweak a few things here and there.

Love you all. Make it a great day.