Lots of exciting developments from my IBD appointment today...!

- Azathioprine increased from 50mg (1 pill) to 75mg (1.5 pills) because my 6-TGN levels were on the low side. Whereas before, when I was on 100mg and 150mg, my 6-TGN levels were sky high (hence the drop!)!!!
- Complained about my struggles to take Pentasa (big chalky white ones) and how I hadn’t really been taking it because I kept gagging. Dr S offered to switch me to Asacol so I said yes and OMG they are so much smaller and easier to take, I’m so happy!! They’re both mesalamines so dosage and such stays the same :)
- Lost 2kg since my last appointment which is good because I’m now back in double figures :)
- My Dr and IBD nurse are going to be speaking at a conference on September 4th for IBD and I can go after work and it’s gonna be so exciting!!!
- Dropping my iron pills down - instead of one every day, I can have one every second day! And then drop down to two a week.

"We’re delighted to announce that the Getty Research Institute has released the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names (TGN)® as Linked Open Data. This represents an important step in the Getty’s ongoing work to make our knowledge resources freely available to all. Following the release of the Art & Architecture Thesaurus (AAT)® in February, TGN is now the second of the four Getty vocabularies to be made entirely free to download, share, and modify. Both data sets are available for download at vocab.getty.edu under an Open Data Commons Attribution License.

SOTD 14th August

  • Brush Rudy Vey Irish Bog Oak (The Doc) with TGN 23mm Finest
  • R&B MR3B with a Posilver SI (#2)
  • Soap Mike’s Natural Soaps (Orange, Bergamot & Black Pepper)
  • AS FINE Italian Citrus

My first time using Mike’s Natural Soaps. A great performer, with a fantastic scent. It was easy to lather with my RV custom and the lather was copious, slick and very moisturising. A winner. The FINE Italian Citrus paired well with it. A great shave today. #shaveon 

jimprices said:

1, 6, 10, 13, 22, 27 DO IT

1. Talk about the first ship you ever had.

i know there’s a bunch of things i shipped before i knew what shipping was, or like, how to describe the way i was feeling, and those things were r2d2/c3po, inigo/fezzik, and legolas/gimli, because i may— there may have been kind of a type in there. whatever. it’s fine. IM NOT SURE WHICH OF THOSE WAS CHRONOLOGICALLY FIRST tho if i had to bet money i would say r2/3po bc theres definitely a really good chance i was watching star wars while in the womb, given the mother that i have. I ALSO SHIPPED HAN/LUKE A LITTLE.  NOT ALL THE TIME. BUT A LITTLE BIT. i dont know where i actually learned the word “shipping” tho it was PROBABLY from tgn but by then i was like “oh yeah i do that all the time lmao”

6. How do you feel about love triangles?

……………………….bad……………………………………………….. no idk. i feel like it’s hard to pull off in a way that doesn’t turn at least one person into an object?? and also like. IT’S JUST NOT A CONFLICT I’M REALLY INTERESTED IN. IDK. I LIKE THE ROMANTIC TENSIONS IN VARIOUS WAYS BUT NOT………….. THAT……………………………………. i’m all about ot3s and other polyamorous configurations, and i think there are WAYS to do “three people have complicated feelings about each other” that can be interesting, but the traditional definition is just. eh???? w/e. 

10. Do you ship any characters that have never met?

already answered, but while we’re here: how do you feel about this question, gina. is there anything YOU ship where they’ve never met. hmmm. 

13. Has a ship ever broken your heart?

IF IT’S NOT BREAKING YOUR HEART YOU’RE NOT SHIPPING IT RIGHT, THAT’S WHAT I SAY!!!!! no i mean. im partly kidding but also. you would be VERY VERY HARD-PRESSED to find a ship i can’t make myself feel sad about. i mean. you know. you’ve been there. I’M UPSET ON A REGULAR BASIS ABOUT KADE PRURNELL AND HANNIBAL LECTER AS TEEN HOGWARTS MOIRAILS, OKAY, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF YOU TRY HARD AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. i guess………….. remus/sirius is probably the most sterling example, then, bc remus/sirius is the most Anything out of all ships i ship and i can definitely cry about them if i think about them for longer than three seconds at a time. i might be crying right now tbh. OH ALSO FUCKIN. MISATO AND SHINJI!!!! IN REBUILD!!!!!!!!! that’s not a SHIP ship but w/e. oh my god. that shit ripped my heart in HALF. I WILL NEVER BE WHOLE AGAIN.

22. Which of your ships have the best chemistry?

I FEEL LIKE IT’S CHEATING TO PUT SELF-DESIGNED SHIPS IN HERE……………….. like i was going to be like DICK/BUCKY but then i was like olivia it doesn’t count if all of their chemistry comes from stuff you MADE UP. (they have incredible chemistry tho). who else can i put. DICK/BABS LMAO. DICK/KORY. DICK GRAYSON HAS CHEMISTRY WITH LITERALLY EVERYBODY. also………………. roy/riza…………………….. also all of the swim animes with all the other swim animes. gay swim pheromones flying through the air. 

27. Is there a ship you’ve shipped for most of your life?

WELL ALL OF THE ONES MENTIONED ABOVE ARE THINGS I STILL VERY MUCH SHIP LMAO dont watch the princess bride with me i will literally cry about inigo and fezzik the entire time. but even besides those YEAH LOTS OF STUFF, im still really fond of all my earliest fandoms so like. ALL MY TEEN TITANS SHIPS which are mostly Boring Het lmao i am Robstar Trash until i die. harry potter tho that’s mostly just remus/sirius + bill/fleur + dean/seamus. uuuuhhhhhhh. I’VE DEFINITELY SHIPPED CLARK/BRUCE SINCE I WAS LIKE. 10. BATMAN/SUPERMAN WAS A VERY FORMATIVE COMIC.

Introducing the “BSB”

May I present to you this thing of beauty, a 13oz (368.54g) stainless steel brush handle with a 24mm TGN 3 band nylon knot. From here forth known as the “BSB”.

The handle was hand milled by the wonderful gentleman, Mr. Alvin Burgess. His craftsmanship is second to none. Alvin also ships with lightning speed. From discussion to door two days. I cannot express enough how appreciative I am to have received this brush handle. I shall use it often, if not daily, and it will last more than my lifetime.

So why the “BSB” name? The original thought was the Burgess Stainless Brush to honor the artisan who sculpted this masterpiece. But the acronym is versatile and can also stand for Big Stainless Brush. After all, it weighs 13 oz. Want more you say? How about Big Synthetic Brush… Or Burgess Synthetic Brush. By any name it is a wonderful addition to the den and I really would like to thank Alvin for it.

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