"Maybe… but, I don’t have to worry about that for a while. He’s not around much anymore, like I said, and that might be a blessing in disguise. Rai, on the other hand… poor Rai." That was all she had to say on that subject.

She blinked up at him, cocking her head to the side once more in question. “Androids can only do so much though, can’t they? Anyways, like I said, never say never. They say there’s a someone for everyone, or some shit like that… I dunno, I think you’ll find someone. Someone that you can definitely love, whether you say you can’t or not.”

Staring back, she snickered. “In my universe, you’re… well, you drank the Lao Mang Long Soup. Basically, you’re the man everyone wants to be, everyone is terrified of you because you’re a big scary dragon lord, and I’m the only person allowed to even get near you ‘cause we’re really close for obvious reasons. You even let me braid your hair sometimes. But, because of the soup, some of those genetics were passed onto me.”

Gesturing to her eyes, which if he looked close enough, were not human at all — they were blue, but more draconic than human. She stuck her tongue out briefly, too; again, it was draconic, thin and forked and… orange of all colors. “See?”

"Look I dislike the warriors too, but no one really deserves to die, the balance between good and evil needs to be maintained not destroyed, and if he really is in trouble. The best I can do is home up to that promise that I promised Omi and gave my word as an evil genius that I would do something for him one day, to keep his mouth shut about something and sometimes you just have to swallow the acid to get the rewards; as Omi would say. I have no idea what that means, but pretty sure it means take your medicine to get better? Or something in that area?"

"That stuff has a shelf life of forever and you need to keep drinking it, how stupid was I? I wouldn’t listen to bean if you paid me to, I left him in the yin yang world…. But yeah, I would love to be him, someone people came to for everything, someone everyone feared. I however would like to retain my humanity, Omi said there was a way to gain immortality and still be human. I have to find that way on my owns all."

He shrugged. At her last comment choosing to respond to it last.

" No, not everyone is capable of emotional bonding the way everyone else is, that is like telling an A sexual person they are faking it. Some people are just born without the capacity to love. Besides, if I build her right, steal some genetics from some woman, I can most definitely have her do what is necessary for the Spicer line to continue in my family not my creepy cousin’s. I doubt there is much dating advice one could give to a guy who literally built all his allies."

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