This is probably the most important thing you’ll ever watch. (at TD Garden)


Gronk showed Conan O’Brien Marshawn Lynch’s TD celebration because there won’t be one tmrw #SB49 #GoPats

Because it's ridiculous.

I wanna say,guys, that I wasn’t on Team Delusional from the first day. At the beginning I spent somewhat three weeks mourning. I’m really fast to drop any show or comics book if I don’t like what I see. If my favs die,then just screw this and that’s all- it’s only a fiction.

But here,with Beth, I was simply devastated. My mind couldn’t accept it. I didn’t know nor about TD that time,nor even about tumblr, seriously. And in this disbelief I found petition and all of you cool guys.

You brought me back hope!

We’re all here,because everything about Beth’s ‘death’ was ridiculous. And so many people can’t be wrong at the same time. We’re almost there to prove us right!

anonymous asked:

Why do you think Yomo has Rize? Why is he keeping the way she is? Is it to help her?

Rize hasn’t appeared in TG:re yet (I suspect Yomo still has her), but as of the last we’ve seen her…

I think Yomo rescued Rize from Kanou on Yoshimura’s orders. I still find it a bit strange as well. Initially, I believed Yoshimura asked Yomo to save Rize out of good will (Yoshimura said Anteiku’s purpose was to help ghouls afterall). But it is suspicious that Yomo / Yoshimura seems to know a lot of things which they keep from Kaneki… Perhaps it has to do with why Rize was targeted in the first place. I mean they did say that Kaneki’s transplanted kakuhou gives him unusually good regenerative abilities. 

As for why Yomo keeps her restrained and merely feeds her just enough, I suspect that it’s because Rize, after being made use of by Kanou, is probably traumatised and might be mentally unstable, so feeding her enough such that she is able to let out her kagune and free herself, she’ll go on a rampage and go out killing loads of humans to eat.

Yomo probably wants her to slowly recover and when she’s mentally stable, question her regarding Kanou. That’s just what I hypothesize though. I can’t help but feel that there’s something really suspicious about all of this myself…

Thank you Claude for deciding to bench Tuukka Rask one night.

Thank you TD Garden camera person for putting the camera and/or microphone on Tuukka.

Thank you TD Garden organ player for playing chant music at that moment.

Thank you Tuukka for chanting your own name during that music.

Thank you Behind the B for putting it on television.

Thank you Boston fans for making this chant happen.


Dan Paille adjusts his skate near the bench as he chats with Dougie Hamilton at this morning’s skate at TD Garden.

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Oi Será que pode me ajudar? Eu prometi a Deus que não cometeria um pecado, mas eu cai em tentação e acabei cometendo outra vez. Estou tão arrependida. Me dá um conselho? Tenho medo de Jesus me abandonar, não me proteger mais, pq desobedeci o que eu havia prometido.

Oi Anony. Td bem !?

Vamos refletir em um versículo, amém ?

Eis que amas a verdade no íntimo, e no oculto me fazes conhecer a sabedoria.
Purifica-me com hissopo, e ficarei puro; lava-me, e ficarei mais branco do que a neve.
Faz-me ouvir júbilo e alegria, para que gozem os ossos que tu quebraste.
Esconde a tua face dos meus pecados, e apaga todas as minhas iniquidades
Cria em mim, ó Deus, um coração puro, e renova em mim um espírito reto.
Não me lances fora da tua presença, e não retires de mim o teu Espírito Santo.

Salmos 51:6-11

Os sacrifícios para Deus são o espírito quebrantado; a um coração quebrantado e contrito não desprezarás, ó Deus.

Salmos 51:17

Bom, voltando … amado(a) não importa com foi o pecado que cometeu, o sangue de Jesus pode lava-lo(a) e purifica-lo(a) e saiba que foi para isso que Jesus morreu na Cruz, para nos purificar de todo pecado. Não sei qual é o pecado que cometeu, mas queria que soubesse que Deus é misericordioso para nos perdoar quando nos arrependemos de coração e pedimos perdão a Ele, reconhecemos que sujamos seu altar. Se não consegue vencer sozinho(a), peça ajuda ao Espirito Santo. Diga: AMADO ESPÍRITO SANTO, NÃO CONSIGO VENCER ESSE PECADO (DÊ NOME AO SEU PECADO) SOZINHO. PODE ME AJUDAR? 

Davi foi um homem segundo o coração de Deus, porque por mais que pecasse tinha a sinceridade de chegar até Deus e confessar seus pecados, para obter seu perdão, tinha um espírito quebrantado e ah isso o senhor não rejeita. Se for sincero no seu arrependimento, Deus vai te purificar de todo pecado, te lavar com seu sangue. Ele nunca vai deixar de te amar, te cuidar de você, Ele não te abandonou. Não fuja dEle, corra pra Ele. 

Fica na Paz ❤.

Team Delusional Chat!

Okay so! Here are the people so far that I have either already added on Skype or have shown interest in joining the Team Delusional Chat. I just want to make sure you do want to take part and also if you’re reading this for the first time IT ISN’T TOO LATE. ANYONE can join, it would be lovely to have loads of us discussing all things theory related, or just anything really. Great opportunity to make friends also!

People Who Have Given Me Skype Names
forever-as-it-should-be (your co-host everybody!)
dixonloving (your second co-host everybody!)
canadiangrlforever (I just have yours anyway so say if you wanna partake)
oneblondeblogger (same as above)
xgeewhiskersx (same as above also you’re not TD are you?)

People Who Have Expressed Interest Either by Liking The Post or Other
onlyforbeth (will need to make an account)
kryswoods (same as above)
valarmorghulisbitch (When I message you back gimme your username)

That’s 21 people including myself (Rosiekate96 if you want to add me instead of the other way around) so I’m definitely going to go ahead with it as soon as everyone confirms! If you reblog and write your answer there is a possibility it’ll get lost in my notifications so confirmation via ask (click here) is recommended :) DON’T FORGET, EVEN IF YOUR NAME ISN’T HERE, SEND AN ASK TO BE ADDED! THIS ISN’T AN EXCLUSIVE CLUB, I WANNA SEE YOU ALL THERE!

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I have been wondering is about Kanae's name. Apparently, he's from that German family that has been wiped out? Rosewald I think. Since the name was mentioned, I wonder if that's important. Tsukiyama isn't from that Rosewald family though, right? He's always associated to roses, so it kind of get me confused, sorry...

Yes, Kanae’s family was apparently wiped out by Washuu Matsuri. Kanae is not related to Tsukiyama however, he was probably just taken in as a servant.

I think that yes, it might be important and it’s possible that we might see an arc involve Kanae and Matsuri.