We’re planning a post for next week about the first time we ever read fanfiction, and we want you (yes, you, dear reader) to share your stories, too!

So how did you lose your fanfic virginity? Was it in a late 90s coffee shop with Mulder and Scully? Was it Tumblr? LiveJournal? Fanfiction.net?

If you’d like to share your story for our post, head over and fill out this form.

We’re accepting submissions until next Monday, March 9th, and the post will go up on the following Wednesday. We’d love to hear from you!

Having your period at a concert like:

-Fall Out Blood

-Pierce The Ovaries

-Red Day

-My Chemical Hormones

-Panic! At The Uterus

-Bring Me The Tampons

-All Time Flow

-Blood On The Dance Floor