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(i finally got around to this)

Rules: Just answer these questions and try to have fun! Be proud of Kpop!!

Tagged by: kpopthatcorn

Picture(s) of you:


Bias (up to 3 only): kim namjoon,pyo jihoon.bang yongguk

Do you watch K-dramas, if so, what is your favorite one: n/a

What is your favorite word in Korean: idk?

What is the first Kpop song you ever heard: nillili mambo-block b

Was your blog originally a Kpop blog: no

Do you get made fun of for liking Kpop: no

Do your parents accept you liking Kpop: of course

Do you have someone who you talk to that shares your Kpop interests: yes

Describe Kpop in ONE word: distraction

Do you make Kpop gifs, if yes, show 2: n/a

Lastly, tag ALL the Kpoppers you could think of: im 100% sure nobody would do this so im not gonna bother tagging anyone sorry i love all of u