Hi guys! The store trendyco​ is having a back to school sales event!

ALL t-shirts are $15, and if your order is over $30, shipping is free! (for us & canada)

ALSO, use the coupon code: unexplode for an EXTRA 10% off your already discounted product! :)

Happy shopping!


ps. All the tees and jumpers are super cute! AND I FREAKIN LOVE THE BEANIE UGH <3


If you only ever read and/or reblog one of my posts, I hope this will be the one. Due to some medical problems I am on two pretty serious medications. One is fairly affordable. The other one? Well…

The local Krogers charges over $200 PER MONTH.

I did some research and found out that COSTCO had it for “considerably cheaper.”  But I wasn’t a member of Costco. Come to find out, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A MEMBER to fill prescriptions at their pharmacy.

In that bag I’m holding is a 90 DAY supply of BOTH medications for…wait for it….$38. This is friggin awesome. I nearly cried when I found out. So please, share this info (if not necessarily this post). There are plenty Tumblr folks who are struggling with medication costs and this could really help them.

I hope I’ve already helped some of you. :)

Rainbow Exotics, a whole sale bird breeder for Petsmart has confirmed cases of psittacosis. This sign is in Ohio, but they supply the entire US.

If you have purchased a bird from Petsmart please bring them to a vet. Psittacosis is a highly contagious zoonotic disease that can kill your bird and create flu-like symptoms in humans. It is treatable with antibiotics for your birds if caught early. It is generally not serious in people, although if left untreated it can be.

If you have bought toys or cages from Petsmart please disinfect them before giving them to your birds! Or return them. Psittacosis can live in feather dust and droppings for months.

Please share. And consider adopting your next bird from a rescue.