#2014TBL Week 3 Challenge -

1) Post a picture from your glory days. Don’t have one? Post something that represents your glory days (example: an old sports jersey)

So, this is as close to ‘glory days’ as I get. I was on the high school tennis team and actually did well enough to get a scholarship to our local community college. I ended up breaking my leg and, in the end, I never did get to play for the college team.

I still have this uniform (it’s a bit tattered and moth-holed, but still in tact). Now, wouldn’t THAT be something to be able to get back into one day?  I think I *might’ve* been a tiny bit shorter back then, however… would be more of a shirt than a skirt. :)

Weigh in is going well

We are at 60 people - which is great. I am sure a few more will come in before Tuesday morning. A few tips for submitting your weights. 

  • Always do it via message to me - not via posting on the thread (you can post, but I am not checking there for the official #)
  • If you registered from a different blog then you are messaging me from, please please please note that in your message. This is the biggest issue for me at this time. This is also the case if you changed your URL.  I probably spend an hour a week chasing this issue down. (Thanks to those of you that have been telling me this consistently) 
  • You can submit your numbers in any format, but if you want to convert it to lbs, I would appreciate it :) 
  • Submit every week, even if you have a gain or stay the same. 

Thanks :) 


Starting weight: 348.8lbs
Last week weigh in: 347.4lbd

Today’s weigh in: 347.6lbs
Weigh loss/gain: +.2lbs

This weekend was filled with incredibly bad decisions, I need to work on my weekends. It’s easy to stay in routine when I’m working because I get up and do the same things ever day at the same times but I really lose track on the weekends.

Today's Weigh In

Since Friday, I have worked a 15 hour shift, had 7 hours off, then worked a 24 hour shift.

I. Am. Dead.

During that time, I still managed to go to the gym during my time off and I was able to use the treadclimber at work for 15 minutes, but that’s the only exercise I was able to get. I ate relatively healthy up until yesterday, when I said “screw it” and had a large poutine. I was so tired/unhappy from working so much, and I just really needed something to make me feel better, and I hate that I turned to food to do that.

Anyway, I was fully expecting a gain this week because of all of that stuff, but I was very happy to see a small loss instead. I only lost 0.5 lbs, but I’m still very happy with that. 

I’m working much less this week, so after taking a rest day today, I’m coming back in full force and aiming for a bigger loss next week! Let’s do this!


-Today i had a friend tell me “you’ve lost weight.” It wasn’t a question. It was a statement. It’s nice to know that people are noticing a change even though the scale isn’t reflecting it.

-Tomorrow morning Andy and I will be waking up at 3 so that we can drive to Charlottesville so that Andy can get his surgery. I have no idea how long we will be there. Sooo thoughts and prayers are appreciated!

-Our house feels lonely without Booker here. But he is staying at our friends house with their roaming pack of dogs, so he’s having a good time.

-I am stressing about packing for the next few days. I feel like I’m going to forget something.

Oh damn, I gained back the 3 pounds I lost since last Monday.  I know my eating hasn’t been the greatest, but I didn’t think it was that bad.  On the plus side, I lost an inch from my upper arms!

Also, I’m apparently running a half marathon? Eeek.  My friend found out I’m running tough mudder so she wants me to do a half with her this spring (too bad you don’t see her doing tough mudder with me).  But I figure this will at least keep me moving through the winter when I tend to get lazy. 


No eating out (THIS MEANS CHIPOTLE :( ) whatsoever. 

All a home/home prepared meals. 

Starting October 1st and Ending October 31st I will be posting my daily intake to keep me on track. 

I will NOT be counting calories because I become too obsesive. And I will stop posting my intake if I find myself counting.

wish me luck!

who knows. baby it will get me in the habbit of not eating out.