Matt and Pat on Believing in Yourself
  • Matt:Just be yourself, girls will like you if you be yourself - but whatever you do, DON'T be yourself.
  • Pat:So that's the weird thing about being yourself. Because when people tell you that in high school, it's a lie. Then you become an adult... And it's still a lie. Then at some point it stops being but you're too old to care anymore.
Everyone with agoraphobia is sneaky and untrustworthy… And if you have agoraphobia and you’re like “fuck you, Pat, you’re a dick!” Why don’t you come out and fight me?!
—  Pat, Two Best Friends Play Deadly Premonition DC (Part 20)

Thom Yorke looks like angrierpat with hair

You know you’re a fucking God when you can show MENUS in your trailer as sizzle, and people are like YEAH!! YEAHHH LOOK AT THAT PAUSE MENU, THAT’S THE HOTTEST PAUSE MENU I’VE EVER SEEN!!!
—  Best Friends discussing the Persona 5 trailer, Friendcast 079