David Tennant showcasing his wonderful sexy adorable facial expressions on Top Gear–Really how can one man have so much beauty inside and out. Like stawp it David you’re too perfect. My hearts and ovaries can only hanlde so much, and you’re not helping.

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Eta… Mais um…? ‘Tá, outra coisa é que a patroa sempre usa pronomes neutros pra falar dela mesma, mas não se incomoda que chamem ela de mulher ou de homem, e é engraçado porque já confundiram ela com homem uma caralhada de vezes… É espírito de macho, sei lá… Acho que é por isso que a maioria dos muse é homem… Ou melhor, do sexo masculino, porquê homem é outra história… —

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“Godric.” Robb smiled and slid a goblet of ale towards the older man.
Neither of them liked Southern liquors and would never have thought
to drink them, but with nothing from the North available, they had to
make due.

“I never had an older brother. I wanted one. But I also have seen what
grief comes with losing siblings. I have felt that grief myself. Not in acts
of war…” Robb paused before shaking his head, “Perhaps everything that
happens in war is an act of war. But, what I meant to say is that the only
person I ever had to look up to were my parents and the other adults which
lived in Winterfell. Jon and I are essentially the same age. He was – he is
my equal. Sansa, Bran, Arya, and Rickon? They have me to look up to. They
had me to look up to.”

His words left a bitter taste in his mouth but, even still, he continued.

“I could not bare to lose you. You are important to me. I feel like we are
family. Do not give your life for me on the battle field if you do not have
to. I will need you even when the war is done.”


Looking for inspiration on writing ridiculous characters in fics? Just look at my cats.

They really, really, REALLY like helping with the washing o_o I don’t even know, but it’s cute so I don’t stop them.

Hanji is the oldest [the stripy brown], then Erwin [stripy ginger], and Levi, my tiny baby [black and white, he’s the runt of his litter too, oh my God]

“How many times is Impmon and that cute little bunny Digimon gonna fight…” 

 Ai sighed and rubbed at her temple, ignoring a fireball that flew past her. 

 “If they set the house on fire one more time.”