David Tennant showcasing his wonderful sexy adorable facial expressions on Top Gear–Really how can one man have so much beauty inside and out. Like stawp it David you’re too perfect. My hearts and ovaries can only hanlde so much, and you’re not helping.

quartermiled asked:

❛ i get all tingly when y' break int' cars like tha'. ❜


      “pretty sure the shrinks’ve got a word for that.” 

                 he says it like he might be considering sending dom to a specialist,
                 but there’s that lazy grin – quick but bright in his tan face – and he
                 pops the benz’s passenger door, smooth as silk, the slimjim sliding
                 free of the window frame to disappear into his jacket like it was never
                 there at all. han drops down into the seat ( buttery sun-warmed leather )
                 and hits the unlock button for dom; with his head tipped back against
                 the headrest and his shades set low on the bridge of his nose, he arches
                 a brow and peers up at dom ( framed like a goddamn monolith against 
                 the glare of the los angeles afternoon ) and nods at the steering wheel.

                 ( these rich cali kids and their push to start new-wave luxury bullshit. )

                          “when you’re done bein’ tingly
                                   fifty bucks says the keys’re in the center console.
                                           i’m right, you owe me a ride – 

                ( the grin’s back, crooked, an invite tucked in between the shop talk. )

                                                  “– if i’m wrong – maybe i owe you one.”

abasiliskos asked:

"You have the most beautiful eyes." (no one asked for your sass, regi)

[ x

         “ you little SHIT. “

                 staring contests ARE still totally valid forms
                 of settling disagreements. they are. & sirius
                 definitely won that one even if he won it
                 UNFAIRLY by shoving his smaller brother’s
                 head into his plush favourite-child pillows with
                 the palm of his hand pressed firmly against
                 his cheek.

Got the camera I was wanting so badly!! My older brother took me to Wal-Mart last night after dinner and chores (it was my night to clean the kitchen after dinner), and I am so grateful that he did!! I made a beeline for the electronic section and asked an employee for assistance, since the camera I wanted wasn’t one you could just get off a shelf or something and buy. It then turned out that there was only one in stock at this Wal-Mart of the camera I wanted, and I happened to be the lucky one to get it!!! >

I also got an 8 GB memory card for the camera and a cute little case to carry it in. Took up all but maybe $2 of what I had to get all of it. I looked around a bit and got a great idea for a belated high school graduation gift for my brother as well. His graduation is today and his party is tomorrow.

He has an iPhone 5s, and he doesn’t have a case for it. At least not one he likes. Wal-Mart has these custom iPhone cases you can buy for about $15 that’ll let you use a picture of your choosing in it. I’m thinking that since I should get paid next week, I can get some good pics tonight and tomorrow, and use a good one I take to buy that custom case for him before he leaves for college.