I was going to title this “One of My Favorite Scenes,” and just leave it at that, but I realized as I was forced to watch it about ten times to get the screenshots that I have a small headcanon regarding its interpretation. So, I’ll share that instead, heh. Enjoy.

A lot of people watching this scene (and obviously Legolas, judging by his reaction) may interpret it as Thranduil threatening Tauriel’s life. She drew her bow against him, right? He’s the king, she’s only a guard captain, that’s probably an offense punishable by death, I’d imagine. But it only just occurred to me now that Legolas thought Thranduil was going to execute Tauriel for her treason, and it was a weird thought for me because I actually never once thought that in like twelve times watching the scene, haha, until right now.

I never thought he meant to harm Tauriel at all. He cut her bow in half to stop her from doing something rash, as she was out of control emotionally. He threatened her with his sword to get her attention so she would listen to his words. If anything, he did her a favor by shocking her out of her little tantrum like, “Hey, young upstart… LISTEN TO ME.” If Thranduil had truly wanted to kill Tauriel, he would have done so immediately, and very quickly. He has the skill, certainly. And he certainly would never have wasted his time in trying to educate her if he had already condemned her to death in his mind. He values her enough to talk her through this instead of merely punishing her, that much was clear to me.

Before Legolas interjects, Thranduil asks Tauriel, “You think it is love? Are you ready to die for it?” And then in comes Legolas, Tauriel’s knight in shining unrequited leaf armor, haha, to prevent Thranduil from harming her. Uhm, he was never going to harm her. When he asked, “Are you ready to die for it?” he wasn’t saying, “Prepare to die for your insolence,” he was saying, “…because unless you are, it isn’t real.” Real love is worth dying for. When one is in love, and it is real, one is willing to die for it. That was his message, and it went right over both of the younger elves’ heads. Granted, at the time, Thranduil did not believe Tauriel’s love for Kili was that deep, but he was basically telling her the requirements for real love… that one would die for the other person if need be.

I am so mad at Legolas for ruining this moment, heh. I would have loved to see what was said and done next, on either side. But… perhaps it was necessary for their development as characters. Perhaps neither Thranduil nor Tauriel could have learned anything more at this point from each other. Perhaps… it took Kili’s death for them to learn the next stage of the lesson, and for them to understand each other. Maybe that’s why the scene was ended prematurely, from a writer’s point of view. (Sorry, my writer’s plot construction and characterization are hanging out, haha. Let me tuck them back in…)

Maybe this was 100% obvious to everyone already, haha, but if not, I just felt like sharing my thoughts. I honestly was not at all afraid for Tauriel during this scene. It never occurred to me that he would hurt her. I knew Thranduil had no such intention. He just wanted her to understand the sacrifices real love can ask of a person, for he has lived through it all. She is much younger than him, and he knows she does not understand. I think he was trying to show her, through his expression of emotion she never knew was there inside him, exactly how painful love can be. Like a window to his soul, he bore his pain for her for a split-second, hoping she would realize the truth of just how deeply an elf can love.

Ah, I could analyze Thranduil all day. There is so much there to tease apart. =)


Tauriel | Day 2 

Today’s been alright she snooped around last night and I could hear here playing with her mouse toy. She’s still wanting to hide under things and I’m trying to give her space. I have to sit with her for her to eat, and I’m worried about if she has a cold or something. But I’m proud she went in her litter box last night all by herself!!

And another prompt bites the dust!

This one is for anddante, who provided me with a few amazing prompts but I figured I would start with this one and come back to the other once I catch up with everyone else’s. It’s a bit long. The hardest part of these drabbles is keeping them drabbles. Sigh.

Prompt: Kíli is actually wearing Mithril underneath his chain-mail and Bolg’s mace doesn’t kill him but renders him unconscious. Yet Tauriel still thinks him dead and goes on a killing spree and succeeds in ending Bolg (without being robbed of the glory *cough cough*). So when she drags her battered and bruised body back to the cliff where she thinks Kili’s dead body is lying and cradles him in her arms he weakly opens his eyes and whispers ”Amrâlimê”’, a shy but wondrous smile forming on his lips because no Arkenstone or starlight can outshine the brightness in Tauriel’s eyes as she looks upon him. 

(Frankly this prompt might be better written than my drabble, heh)

For Tauriel the world seemed to focus and slow.

Each breath, each terrible beat of her heart, became laborious and never ending as the crude blade jabbed forward and into Kíli. Unprepared for the blow, he took the full, brunt force of it to his midsection.

His sword fell from his hand, slipping through shock numbed fingers and she watched its passage to the frozen ground, transfixed. His dark eyes widened for a moment before finding hers.

Do you think she could have loved me?

The words grew and echoed between them, surrounding her, enveloping her, as the blood drained from his cheeks and a low guttural moan was torn from her very soul and expelled through her parted lips.

She did love him.

I do love him.

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...i've been telling the Hobbit story to my daycare girls...

(they’re 4, 4 and 5).

After today’s episode, where Bilbo and the dwarves reach the kingdom of the mean Elf-King-who-doesn’t-like-dwarves, and introducing our first lady character…

I’M TAURIEL THE ELF!!" shouted one
I’M A DWARF! THE ONE WHO LIKES TAURIEL!!… what’s his name again? I’M KILIIIIIIII!!!" yelled the second one.
I’M A GIRL HOBBIT!" squeaked the last one.

After storytime I let them play and be louder than usual since they were the only ones left. I got a reenactment of the Elf vs Dwarf war of 3352, the elf shooting invisible arrows from atop the plastic slide and the dwarf avoiding them with her magic invisibility ring.

The girl hobbit kept dancing around, singing and being generally nice.

They’re more in character than most fics I’ve read so far.

The Heir Apparent: Chapter Eleven

-whispers-  I’ll just leave this here…

The Heir Apparent: FF.Net

The Heir Apparent: AO3

Tauriel was weightless, surrounded by warm blankets of gray. She had little sense of self or purpose but something tugged at her, pulling her toward something just out of reach. How long she floated there, listless and unaware, she couldn’t be sure; time held no meaning or sway. But eventually a voice, strong and sure, drew her back to herself a little at a time.

Light burst through the shadow and with it came pain, hot and strong and real. She groaned weakly as a voice, a song really, crested over her in strengthening waves. Blinking into existence she was stunned to find a fair and familiar face crouched over her.

Promoting the Hobbit

Dean and Aidan, or Aidean, the couple who would become the best promotional asset for Middle Earth.

This phenomenon reached its climax during the promotion of the Desolation of Smaug, when they were present at every premiere, they did lots of interviews alone, and they were also guests at special events, like the one at LA airport.

Why were they so successful? Because they were spontaneous, and real. No fake friendship for them, those were real friends.

Fili and Kili, the Durins Bros, Aidan and Dean, my Irish brother, my best friend.

They promoted the films so well because they were the real thing.

In Botfa things changed. No more Durin brothers all the time. Kili’s most important scenes were with Tauriel: this didn’t add anything to Kili’s character.

And it is interesting to notice that there isn’t a single photo of Aidan Turner and Evangeline Lilly alone, promoting the films. Aidan had no Fili with him, but he didn’t substitute him with Tauriel, either. 

The actors were not special friends (like Aidan and Dean), and Evangeline posed  with Richard or Lee or both, but not with Aidan, his love interest on screen.

Because it wasn’t real.

Okay, there a few things I want to point out in the scene where Kili gives Tauriel the rune because the little things Tauriel does kill me. 

The first is how after Kili says “I think you do,” Tauriel starts to move towards him before she senses that Legolas is approaching and her entire body tenses back into ‘Guard Captain’ position. Was she going to move towards the boat? I like to think she could been convinced by Kili to go with them if Legolas hadn’t made an appearance

The second is after Legolas tells her to ‘take leave’ of Kili and that she’s needed elsewhere. When their eyes lock again you can just see her shake her head slightly before Kili looks away and gets that absolute look of hurt on his face. She couldn’t actually bring herself to say no to him (because moments before it seemed as if she might)so she gives him the best answer she can. 

Another is just the fact she tries so hard to keep her face composed so she doesn’t give away too much

but then once she sees just what he gave her she lets her guard down just slightly,

and the last good glimpse of her Kili would have gotten when he turned around in the boat to see her would be her trying to keep herself from crying.

Tauriel purring, but I hear a stuffy noise and a cricketing? Is it because she got vaccinations recently I take her to the vet soon but I wonder if there’s something I can do for her.