What is this, insult Thranduil day?

Only Yesterday

It all started with the little things. A few more lines around his eyes. A slight uncertainty in his footing. A subtle hunch in his posture. Forgetting where he put his favorite bow.

Then along with his hair turning white came the aching of his joints. The mottling of his now wrinkled skin. The occasional slurs in his speech. The heaviness of his breaths whenever he tried to walk without assistance.

But through it all Bard would only smile and insist that he was fine. And Thranduil believed him.

Or at least he would pretend to.

The Elvenking hardly left his side these days. He was usually found in bed curled up against the former King of Dale, his head on the man’s chest, listening to a weak but steady heartbeat. Often Thranduil would sing softly to him - songs of love and of happiness, and sometimes he sung the old songs of Elves from lands long forgotten. Other times he would just talk. Narrating the day’s events no matter how mundane, or reading Bard letters from their children in Dale, only stopping short when he would hear the man’s gentle snoring.

Every single day Thranduil would wake and hold his breath, fear suddenly taking hold of him for a moment before Bard would squeeze him tightly and nuzzle the top of his head.

“Not today, melamin.” Bard would always say in the mornings. It was a morbid greeting, but Thranduil was so accustomed to it that such a small reassurance would be enough to calm his worried heart.

The seasons came and went this way. Until one morning Thranduil awoke to nothing but silence.


Tilda had been the hardest to console among all of their children. Despite being a woman now with a family of her own, she cried much louder and harder than she ever had as a little girl. Thranduil spent hours just holding her, stroking her back and cooing into her ear, reminding her that she would always have her ada no matter what. King Bain, Sigrid, and Legolas weeping silently as they watched.

Thranduil remained calm and unreadable all throughout the funeral rites. Merely murmuring words of gratitude to those who came to him to express their sympathies. He left the eulogies to the children and Bard’s closest friends. He was too afraid of what would happen if he attempted one of his own.


Tauriel found the Elvenking standing in the gardens - in his and Bard’s favorite spot, looking up at the stars, a bottle of wine in one hand and his love’s old tattered coat in the other. She approached him carefully, moving beside him to gaze at the stars as well.

They remained like that for what seemed like hours. Until she heard Thranduil shift and she turned to see that he was now looking at her. An unspoken question in his eyes.

“It was real, my lord.” She replied, briefly clasping his shoulder as she left.

Not long after hearing those words, Thranduil finally came undone. He fell to his knees and clutched Bard’s coat tightly to his chest.

It had been exactly a year now, but to him it seemed like it was still only yesterday.

Thranduil was sure that it was forever going to seem like only yesterday.

For the first time in thousands of years, he allowed himself to cry.


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Tauriels Wardrobe Part 2:

So, welcome to the second (big) blog entry about my Tauriel cosplay.
This piece of clothing has been finished for a while but I never had time to take photos.

Pattern: For this Dress/Coat I used the Pattern from Simplicity again. “Simplicity 7730 HH” This time I used the pattern for the Sansa (I think is supposed to be her) dress. I still recommend this procedure because it is easier than drafting the pattern all on your own.
I used all pattern pieces but shortened the hemline and mad narrow instead of wide sleeves.
The onyl really difficult thing was the collar. I looked at MANY reference images and at last drafted it on my own but it is not as perfect as I would have wished. it will do the job, but as perfectionist as I am, I am not completely satisfied.

Fabric: The choice for this fabric was a bit hard, because in the film they used real leather (at least it looks like that to me) and I could never have afforded that amount of leather! So instead I went for this green suede fabric, that is much easier to sew. The photos don´t capture it´s colour very good. In daylight it is really quite green ;)
Again there is a link to the fabric store, but I still don´t know if they ship worldwide.
I ordered about 4m and used approx. 2,5m.
(The rest might end up as Legolas tunic ;) But nothing in progress as of yet)

You might not really see it but, there are ribbons attched via embroidery to recreate the look of Tauriels dress :)

Amount of time: Creating this dress took about 25 hours with cutting and sewing by hand. BUT the embroidery for the faux leather ribbons took yet another 21hours. Plenty of time sewing ;)

The garment is closed with a leather band and eyelets that were made especially for me by “Thor”.

In the end the Dress turned out quite nice, but if I were to redo it, I would change some parts of the pattern and attempt to find an even closer matching fabric.
For the time being I am quite content, though.

When their are any questions left, you need help with your own cosplay, like the idea and want to adopt it or want to start a cosplay group (I have plenty fandoms and even more ideas ^^): Feel free to contact me any time!

If you like it: Please follow, reblog and like ;)

More cosplays and one last wardrobe updates on Tauriel when I am done with the bracers coming soon…