This is what happened to my friend Elsa. Watch the cop shove him. #ShutDownA14

NYPD officer shoved a protester causing her to fall on to a metal tree guard and injure her ribs at Tuesday’s police demonstration.

The unidentified policeman was caught on video shoving Elsa Waithe, 27, a Brooklyn-based standup  comedian, during a confrontation with officers as the protest group marched up Flatbush Avenue toward Prospect Park about 5:30 p.m.

What else should be expected from the police on the day of demonstrations against police brutality?

2k15 when it is clear that the US is turning into a police state, and when citizens are trying to prevent this disgusting process, the government has made it clear that it is not going to change the direction of development.

Get well soon Elsa!

#ElsaWaithe #PoliceBrutality #PoliceState 

In the realm of law enforcement, iris recognition could be used to identify suspects at a long range in various lighting conditions. 

The system can even be used to capture images through reflections in a mirror.

The CMU team recently posted a video successfully testing the system in a typical traffic stop scenario. Using the long-range iris scanner, the system was able to identify the driver of a vehicle by capturing an image of the eye via the side-view mirror

The many faces of Tate Langdon

Dont you just love angry Tate? Something about him being angry is sexy

Or when he is sitting there looking all cute with that smile? Gosh Tate!

Or even when he is broken </3 Tate knows how to looks sexy even when he is broken

Lets not forget his *Im here to manipulate your ass* look

And his *Im about to loose my shit* look, too friggin gorgeous 

Yup, cant believe how he manages to look gorgeous all the time. I cant decide what is my favorite look but the more crazy the better