Our @photovillenyc container is coming together. This year, it features an immersive installation from #ICPSCHOOL 2015 MFA candidates. See more of the installation at @callresponseresponse and at tomorrow’s #photovillenyc opening.
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"Te convertiste en parte de mi vidaxd y te dejaré ahí aunque sea de forma pasiva" -acción poetica MartínIPC.

Sé que él no quería que subiera ésta foto pero le tengo 0 respeto y hago lo que quiero; tampoco lo hago porque hoy sea su cumpleaños número 18, si no porque el destino no quería que la subiera y ayer se cayó el internet en mi casaxd .-. La dura jsjja
Te estimo porque eres porfiado como yo y es quizas lo único que tenemos en común..
Me gusta que tengamos una foto ‘juntos’ xd sjajssj please,
Pd:megustamuchoéstafoto(sequeatinoperomeimportauncomino) :3

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Welcome to thanksam and protectsam's tumblr awards!
  • mbf sophia and becky
  • check out the beautiful moose that made the graphic 
  • reblog to enter, but feel free to like this to save or whatever
  • must reach 80 notes or we will sob until 2014
  • there will be winners and runners up for each category, depending on the notes
  • reblog until 20th December (Winners released on Christmas uwu)
  • best url - Abaddon Award
  • best theme - Gabriel Award
  • best updates tab - Kevin Tran Award
  • best icon - Garth Award
  • best posts - Castiel Award
  • best supernatural - Dean Winchester Award
  • best doctor who - The Doctor Award
  • best multifandom - Charlie Bradbury Award
  • best original content (edits, graphics, poetry, etc.) - Zeke Award
  • sophia’s favourite - Hugh Dancy Award
  • becky’s favourite - Colin Ford Award
  • best overall - Sam Winchester Award ehe
winners get
  • place on our winners pages
  • promos throughout the month whenever requested (only winners though)
  • a +follow from both of us if not already
happy reblogging our lovelies <3

best url: 

winner: ezekielsam (now gadreelsam)
runner up: ohitscastiel (now adventcas)

best theme: 

winner: samwinchestcer
runner up: snowschester

best supernatural:

winner: castielsangels
runner up: daringdean

best posts:

winner: boyklng
runners up: osrichaus + snowedcas

nicest blogger: 

winners: jimmynovaq + fairylightdean

best overall: 

winners: casticlaus + fairylightcas
p.s this is very late i'm sorry ahhh, but i love everyone on here lots and lots, and you should too <3