Did You Know Gaming? tackles some of the more advanced plays in the Super Smash Bros series, featuring Yungtown!


This will probably make more sense if you read this post

[in case it isn’t obvious, it’s read R-L]

Easily one of the most ambitious fan-things I have ever tackled (and completed!). This comic is 100% traditional media, save for minor touch-ups to erase all the areas where I coloured outside the lines. It was meant to be a one-off, short, fun piece that got crazy out-of-hand, and as such there was like zero research involved so there’s a lot of things likely out of place (like that skyline, woops)

Thanks to everyone who supported me through this, and who sent in heartbreaking ideas to try and help me out (and make me cry). 


[10:18:30 PM] Kylee: the other day i fuckin saw one you made of me tackling yuri lowell onto a fucking police car
[10:18:36 PM] The Good King Snugglewumps: bhOLHY SHIT
[10:18:46 PM] The Good King Snugglewumps: whgen did i MAKE THAT
[10:19:00 PM] Kylee: I HVE NO IDEA
[10:19:41 PM] The Good King Snugglewumps: PHJP M YG OD

Take a step forward – The unfortunate implications of the unfinished Sousuke + Haruka subnarrative


After the end of the second season, I ended up hardly writing down my thoughts because there seemed to be too much and nothing at all to say. I probably would have only ended up ranting about the issues I had with Eternal Summer in terms of execution, and in some ways I’ve abstained from talking about them because focusing only on the negative seems very self-defeating in purpose.

However, since I’m going to pull another programme on Free! in February, there are certain topics I know I need to cover well in advance to round out what it is exactly that I want to discuss. There are many a great and wonderful things I want to talk about too, surely – yet there’s also something I know I need to tackle before I can even hope to approach more optimistic subjects with confidence, because otherwise it’ll always loom in the background as something I’m dying to say.

And that something, really, is this:

Sousuke and Haruka’s shared storyline never gaining proper closure feels to me like not only a missed opportunity in terms of individual development, but also casts some rather unfortunate implications on how it’s possible to perceive the subsequent dynamic of Rin + Haruka and Sousuke + Rin.

Disclaimer the 1st: Before you progress past this point, please note: this is not about shipping. This is not about who you think should be with who. This is about story-telling and narratives, and how certain elements of this story can be interpreted, not how they should be or even were intended as. I’m pretty sure KyoAni didn’t intend any of the things I’m about to say, but as is always the issue with life, intention and execution are not always the same.

Disclaimer the 2nd: Please note the following is not word of god. They’re the words of someone on the internet. The purpose of this post is not to convince anyone to agree; the purpose is to confront my uneasiness over certain issues so eventually, I no longer have to.

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rijomu asked:

I couldn't agree with you more about the problems with Coulson's character and with SHIELD in general. Which makes me ask, how you'd "fix" the show? Replace Coulson as the one in charge? Have the secrecy and no oversight blow up in their faces in a spectacular manner? Get Skye to act as Coulson's moral compass?

The thing about “fixing” the show is that I do understand why they’re not tackling many of the ~ideological~ issues at its heart.

SHIELD has to be positioned as (more or less) a “good” entity in order for AoS to work as a mainstream entertainment show attached to the MCU. Also, it takes a lot of inspiration from American law-enforcement programming, a genre that tacitly endorses things like police brutality. So if I were to magically gain control of AoS and its writing team, and didn’t have to worry about advertising or ratings or editorial input from Marvel (LOL), I’d introduce way more scenes where people have personal ethical dilemmas about “doing the right thing” as a SHIELD agent.

Most of the characters in AoS rely on Coulson for guidance or orders, but Coulson himself is definitely someone whose own moral code was tied to… receiving orders. He’s portrayed as ~good guy~ but we know that he’s spent his entire career treating SHIELD almost like a religion, convinced that they’re the best hope for protecting humanity against alien/superhuman threats. Except all the while, SHIELD was infiltrated by Hydra, and SHIELD itself was doing some pretty shady stuff even in its day-to-day business.

I mean, I think that the most “accurate” portrayals of SHIELD were from outsider perspectives in Iron Man and Thor, where we see Coulson and Fury invading people’s lives, confiscating their possessions, and spying on them. Whereas AoS looks at SHIELD from the angle of a team of lovable characters, and doesn’t really touch on their moral ambiguity except in the case of field agents who literally kill people.

So I’d probably see Skye begin to think for herself about what SHIELD actually means (other than in the personal sense of it being her first real “family”), possibly through a series of conversations with May, who would give us a more in-depth look at the darker side of SHIELD. And we’d get to see more of the side of FitzSimmons where they care so much about a new invention or discovery that they forget about its potential human impact. Another good idea would be regular check-ins with civilians who are on the superpower list, and how SHIELD has helped or hindered them in their daily lives. Essentially, we’d see more of the real-world effects of SHIELD’s work, and we’d see how the characters react to that information.

In a general worldbuilding sense, I’d like to know way more about how the leak at the end of CATWS changed public opinion of SHIELD and superhumans/aliens. And that would include the more “innocent” characters like Skye and FitzSimmons finding out about the really shady stuff SHIELD was doing behind closed doors, and pressuring Coulson into creating an environment where agents could be held more accountable. This could be helped along by them finding out that these things are ALREADY happening within the confines of the tiny new-SHIELD, perhaps with some of the mercenaries torturing prisoners for information, or someone using alien tech to stalk their ex-girlfriend, or whatever.

Either that, or some kind of story arc where the writers make it clear that the whole team are such true believers that they KNOW what they’re doing is unethical and dangerous, but they’re doing it anyway because they think the ends justify the means.

whatthebuckybarnes asked:

tony likes pepsi. steve likes coke. C I V I L W A R

It ends with Tony summoning the armour and tackling Steve, trying to shove a bottle of Pepsi down his throat. Everyone’s drinks are spilled, there’s food all over the ground. They’ve ruined Thanksgiving.

Top Google engineers discuss realistically what is needed to reverse climate change

By Ross Koningstein & David Fork -

Starting in 2007, Google committed significant resources to tackle the world’s climate and energy problems. A few of these efforts proved very successful: Google deployed some of the most energy-efficient data centers in the world, purchased large amounts of renewable energy, and offset what remained of its carbon footprint.


And then Hamlet, who Benedict will tackle on stage next summer. Another rather sexless man, I suggest. ‘My God, he’s got a depth of soul that, if he turned it on you, you’d be the happiest woman in the world,’ Benedict responds, shocked. I say I find Hamlet a navel-gazing, self-obsessed bore and he tears a strip off me. ‘Whose Hamlet have you seen?’ When I admit my opinion is based on just reading the text, he rants for 11 whole minutes. ‘Yeah, great,’ he snaps. ‘OK, so you’re projecting your interpretation of a character off the printed word. You have to see an interpretation beyond your own reading. You have to. You can’t say that you hate Hamlet. Hamlet doesn’t just exist in a book, he exists in performance!’

He later apologises on the phone: ‘Sorry, I got a bit defensive, didn’t I?’ But in fact, it was rather nice being the object of Benedict’s derision, because: 1) he was completely right; 2) his rant involved an impromptu rendition of Hamlet’s ‘drown the stage with tears’ speech, and it was spectacular; and 3) he was so unguarded.

Benedict ranting defensively about Hamlet u___u (bolding mine)

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(( Gah!! I swear the people who write ‘self help tips’ for dealing with A.D.D. definitely do not have the disorder!!

*huffs*  I get overwhelmed easily, now is one of those times. And when I am overwhelmed, instead of trying to tackle what I need to get done, I shut down and cannot do anything.

One of their tips is 'make a list'  …. HA!

I -cannot- make to-do lists.  I can write down things to remind me of something I may forget. But, I cannot make to-do lists.

Why? .. Because I try to micromanage every damn list I write.

'Clean the kitchen' becomes 50 different sub-sects of what cleaning the kitchen entails. And then I become stressed out and overwhelmed by all of that, and spend more time freaking out over and trying to write the stupid list, than what it would have taken to actually clean the damn kitchen.

People who do not suffer from a disorder should not write ‘self help tips’ on how to better manage said disorder -_-

But, this becomes a catch 22. Because someone with ADD trying to write ‘self help tips’ would probably never get the article completed >.<  ))


On today (Nov. 23) in 1991 Nirvana play at Vooruit in Ghent, Belgium. During “On A Plain,” Kurt stopped playing, jumped into the crowd, & pulled two guys up to dance on top of the amplifiers. The band then played the whole song from the start. During “Where Did You Sleep Last Night,” Krist played the drums & Dave played bass while lying down on the stage. Then Eric Erlandson from Hole ran out & tackled Kurt, prompting Kurt to throw his guitar, at which point Dave got up from the stage floor. During the end-of-show destruction, Kurt & Krist repeatedly smashed their guitars together, with the final impact shattering Krist’s bass & sending chunks of wood into the crowd. A fan in the front of the audience was hit in the face by one of these chunks, knocking out a tooth & causing him to bleed profusely & later go into shock and convulse uncontrollably.

anonymous asked:

Hi Rachael! I realize that you are in one of the most competitive programs yet and i was wondering how you stop yourself from stressing. I stress about my marks and getting work done all the time and i could really use your advice <3

i think the trick to not getting overwhelmed is to break things down into manageable pieces and tackling them like that. i got super overwhelmed the other night when i was like “oh i’ve really got to start studying for this final” and then the thoughts following that one piled up into “oh but i have that quiz on friday, these two finals before that one, a paper in this class, a paper in that class, AND that group project”. so what i did was take out my agenda and look at what i could work on right now. i made a checklist of a few things i wanted to get through, worked through them that evening, and penciled in some study goals for each class through my weekly schedule.

what i keep in mind is that i’ve got to have time to be a human. i’m not a schoolwork machine, no one is expecting me to be a schoolwork machine. i prepare for things far in advance because stress-cramming doesn’t work for me. having a pack of flashcards to go through a few times a day the week before the final will do me more good than a 7 hour cram fest the night before, so i prepare myself as best i can for my own success. find what works for you, and play up your strengths.

plus, in terms of my competitive program and the pressure to do well, i always remind myself that the hardest part was getting in. i’m already in, i don’t need to prove myself to anyone - i already did that. i’m with the best of the best. now i’m learning with the sole goal of becoming the best clinician i can be for my future patients, so my motivation is more intrinsic than simply striving for a great grade on my transcript. i don’t want the grade - i want to master the material because i know i need it. 


23 years ago today - Nirvana perform in Ghent with Hole opening.

  • At 53:18 - During "On A Plain," Kurt stopped playing, jumped into the crowd, & pulled 2 guys up to dance on top of the amplifiers. The band then played the whole song from the start.
  • At 1:06:11 - During "Where Did You Sleep Last Night," Krist played drums & Dave played bass while lying down on the stage. Then Eric Erlandson from Hole ran out & tackled Kurt, prompting Kurt to throw his guitar, at which point Dave got up from the stage floor.
  • At 1:14:52 - Watch the end-of-show destruction, Kurt & Krist repeatedly smashed their guitars together, with the final impact shattering Krist’s bass & sending chunks of wood into the crowd. A fan in the front was hit in the face, knocking out a tooth & causing him to bleed profusely.