Welcome to Vine Yoga 😌👯 #Part2 #DeezNutz #BishWhere #CharlieCharlie


And finally, here he is 3 ♥ his last trait is obviously neurotic, making him a rebellious, neurotic genius who’s also eco-friendly and who loves the heat!

These are the rolls for generation 2! First 3 rolls are pretty obvious, the animal wrangler career means the spousehas to collect wild animals and sell them, and they can be helped by a cat.
Social Bunny: “Once a Sim week (Sunday to Saturday) your sim must either go on a date, or on a group outing. It’s not required that these outings get a “great” rating, or are even liked, what’s important is that they happen. Try to vary the places you go as well, although that’s not a requirement.”
No Strangers: “You may not call any service sims to the lot. This includes pizza delivery sims and babysitters; if both of your sims have to work, tough!”

Let’s get started with generation 2!