Finally working on SWC again! Which I haven’t done properly in 9 months or so. Even if right now it seems I’m not able to focus on much beyond the four protagonists of the last book. (It’s better than nothing, and these four are so precious.)

I really should try to get some work done on the map though…

Entry #12: If I fall asleep, I die

Prompt #13 – Oct. 22nd, 2014: Your character knows she is going to be murdered in less than 24 hours. How does she know this, and how is she so sure? What would she do if the day went by…uneventfully?

(( Another silly moment from Xeula’s past - a continuation of Entry #11: Feathered creatures creeping in the night. Mikkruutov is Mikkaelos’ father. ))

The drape of Mikkruutov’s arm around Xeula’s shoulders felt more like a restraint than it did a circle of comfort and safety. He meant well, she knew, but his intentions did not make the feathery swarm just outside their door disperse. In fact, in the last hour or so that Xeula had lay awake, holding as still as she could, more of these creatures had come. They continued to titter darkly, and as more time passed, she began to recognize a pattern. They had words — she knew it. Two titters combined with a gravely chirrup. A clucking whir bleeding into five rapid fire chirps. The rise and fall of music-like tone.

Mikkruutov was wrong. These creatures were not just animals. They were an intelligent race that had come to wipe the draenei out, one household at a time. Likely, they’d been planning this for months. They’d sat quietly on their tree-top perches, watching, gathering intelligence; choosing targets, and tonight, the attack would begin with Xeula. They had seen her watching them night after night. She knew the truth and she, therefore, had to go.

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Rose Strider systematically kicks her bro’s ass thanks to her ironic interest in Dark Arts.

More HSWC!

Remember when Bro ended up with Rose’s meteor instead of Dave’s? And how she grew up to match him snark for snark, blow for blow, ironic stunt for stunt? And who could forget the eldritch smuppets?