When jonghyun 1st started crying key couldn’t believe his eyes, he looked at him like seriously?? Why are you crying now?!? Because it was a very emotional but sweet atmosphere. But then jjong started talking about how difficult it really was preparing for this concert and they’ve had slumps as well and other things… and then we lost key. he started crying and then when it was onews turn to talk suddenly his voice broke, no one was expecting that, then he gave his speech, everyone cried again, it was Taemin’s turn and we all thought we were safe.. boy were we wrong. He choked up really bad. He was smiling and his voice wasn’t shake but no matter how many times he tried he just couldn’t get the words out =/ onew came and hugged him jjong held his waist from the side, he wanted to talk about how even if we like other ppl etc etc but he never got to finish because everyone started going never! he got emotional again and just finished it without saying much and passed on the mic.

cr: MelodyMeritamon

SHINee SWC IV 150515 Track list.
  • Replay (New Ballad Remix Ver.)
  • Sherlock(Clue+Note) (New Remix Ver.)
  • SHINe(Medusa I)
  • Stranger
  • Picasso
  • Love Like Oxygen.
  • Your Name
It’s their anniversary, so...

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JAT 2012 pt.1 pt.2 pt.3

JAT 2013

SWCII[Disc 1] [Disc 2]

SWC3 [Disc 1] [Disc 2]

Tokyo Dome Pt.1  Pt.2

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2013 Wide ent News

2013 Star Date


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2015 Ustream Interview

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Kpop Backstage chat w/SHINee

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SHINee backstage

SWC3 making

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Everybody making

Everybody making ARIRANG

Sherlock shooting

2015 seasons greetings

SWC in Seoul making

Yunhanam BTS

School of Rock BTS

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Dream Girl

Why So Serious

1000 Years


Lucifer JAP ver

Love Like Oxygen



Replay JAP ver






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ODD Comeback stages

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Hello Baby


One Fine day

School of Rock

Idol Army

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Weekly Idol 2012

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World Date - Ep 1, Ep 2, Ep 3

Afterschool Club - SHINee, Toheart, Taemin

Hello Counselor - SHINee(Onew, Jonghyun & Minho) Taemin, Toheart, Jonghyun

Ultimate Group


Lets go Dream Team!

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Debut Stage

Artist of the Year