things that happened in the past hour:
-40yr old white woman with a black butler backpack touched my shoulder and said something that sounded suspiciously like “Doge”
-saw a very tiny man with a very large mumford-esque beard. it was like twice the size his body
-drew a piece of popcorn on my hand
-Fucked all life
-the Big Friend exhibit is back in the art lobby so i thought of beppis
-saw graphic ninja turtle porn on my dash for the first time that was something else
-tripped down an entire flight of stairs

yunoah said: No leniency on the rules for a friend and fellow artist? I see how it is. Alright.. ‘Do me’.

Sorry~ /he laughs softly/ Well the next three days are yours darling.

quick question: why do people act like light skinned eastern asians have it ‘good’ in the western world , when we literally aren’t even treated as people. We are FETISHIZED , white women are still the standard of ‘normal’ beauty, while Asian women only exist to fulfill your schoolgirl fantasy. ‘Asian’ is just a pornography term to search for (the top searched porn term in many US states btw).