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O que você como cristã, pensa a respeito do uso da maquiagem? Se o Senhor em sua Palavra nos manda sermos prudentes como a serpente e simples como a pomba?

Desde quando uma maquiagem tira a simplicidade de uma mulher, ou a humildade que carrega no coração, ou a prudência? Eu acredito firmemente que Deus é o maior interessado em nos ver bem cuidadas.

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Do you like Prada?

Do I like Prada? Yes. Do I think Prada has been over-hyped lately? Yes. 

I can never make my mind up on Prada. Just the name, ‘Prada’. It sounds beautiful, elegant; a name that defines luxury. However when I look at a Prada collection, I do not see that. I haven’t been a fan of Miuccia’s work for Prada for a while now, and I don’t know why. I suppose it’s due to the fact that I have my own personal vision on how Prada should look, and my vision doesn’t correlate with Miuccia’s. I have to say though, that I am always impressed with the menswear that Miuccia designs, and I think that’s because of the limit that comes to menswear. When designing for women, some designers can go a little out of their depth and it’s most looks are always either stunning or terrible. Although when it comes to Prada for men, I always love just how simple the most of the looks are, but they’re always finished with a flair. For example the suits in her Mens’ F/W14 collection stood out to me. Some were only of one colour, yet a bright red scarf had been wrapped tightly around the neck to bring the outfit together. Prada Menswear for me is ultimately elegance. I’m not enjoying this rich-old-woman aesthetic she had in her SS15 women’s collection though. I suppose you could say I am impartial towards Prada. I just wish Miuccia would start making Menswear for Miu Miu again…now that’s something I know I’d love.

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Why do you dislike Raf's work for Dior?

It’s not that I don’t like what he’s doing with Dior, it’s just that I feel that his work can sometimes be too predictable…You can almost foresee what his next collection will look like. Take Haute Couture Fall 2014 and compare it to Spring/Summer 2015. To me, that Ready-To-Wear collection only reminded of the previous Haute Couture collection, but only for people who wanted a cheaper price on it. I feel like Raf has manufactured Dior into a fashion house that only focuses on being so ‘fashion forward’, that it’s lost it’s ability to emit the romantic side of the clothes that people want (or should want) to see. Nowadays Dior is always too repetitive with nothing to give. To me, Dior is just Dior and that’s that- And I wish I could describe Dior to you in a way that emulates the romanticism of the brand, in a way it should be described, but I can’t.

Today’s Dior is just too focused on selling the clothes as quick as they can rather than creating a masterpiece, and whilst some people may tell you to get over it because ”that’s what all fashion houses do nowadays”, we shouldn’t conform to that idea at all. Today’s Dior reminds me of the future, and it reminds me of carbon copy: the same looking model in the same looking Dior coat, repeated again and again. And it’s that’s what ”fashion forward” is, then I don’t want to be apart of it.  

On the contrary, Raf’s new Esprit Dior collection that was revealed recently in Tokyo only appealed to me because it finally shed a new light on Dior…The collection had different colours, different textures, patterns, and style in contrast to the same bland and pale clothes we’ve seen for the past three collections. It was very casual with the just the right amount of ‘sparkle’. However, I just feel like there’s something missing from Dior and I think that every time I see a collection done by Raf. In comparison to Raf, I preferred Galliano’s exhuberant designs…at least they gave us something to actually look at. I don’t think we’ll ever get that back… 

Overall, just like Prada or Alexander Wang, Dior is an over-hyped brand that only delivers the same looking style clothes again and again and I hope that’ll change in the near future. Judging by Raf’s Espirit Dior collection, that change could be nearer than we think…


Siguro nga dumaan ka lang sa buhay ko para itest ni god kung matatag ba talaga ako. Kung kakayanin ko ba pag nawala ka kahit nasanay na ako na ikaw palagi yung kausap ko minuminuto. Siguro nga dumaan ka lang sa buhay ko para pasayahin ako ng saglitan at panandalian lang. Pinagtagpo nga siguro tayo pero hindi tayo itinakda ng diyos para sa isa’t isa. Salamat dahil naging parte ka ng buhay ko. Salamat dahil sobra mo akong napasaya. Salamat dahil sayo naging mas matatag ako at mas natuto. Tama nga sila, may tamang panahon para sa lahat. Kaya maghihintay ako. Sa tamang panahon, sa tamang pagibig, at sa tamang tao.

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what do you think make a collection that is 'simple' or has simple shapes/colours a great collection? thank you if you have time to answer

I think simplicity is at it’s peak right now in the fashion industry, literally. If you log onto Style.com or Nowfashion.com and take a look at the shows that happened this SS15 in September, you will notice that a vast majority of these collections all use minimalism as a stimulus for their collections. You will see a lot of whites, blacks, and other solid colours because it’s mostly easy on the eyes and dressing in something that is all white almost makes you feel pure. 

I think the industry has recognized the prominence of the colour black this year, and the effect that shows such as AHS: Coven has had on an audience, they’ve really used this to their advantage in their RTW shows. A lot outfits are very dark because black appeals to people. It’s sexy, seductive, and it’s charming. The colour black could almost be used as a metaphor for all the other colours on the spectrum, as black symbolizes the attributes of each colour: the sexiness of red, the sophistication of pink, the charm of ocean blue. 

Therefore, with the amount of simplicity right now in the industry, designers need to be careful when making their clothes. This is because simplicity and minimalism gets boring when you’ve been looking at it for too long (a problem I had this SS15). Furthermore designers should think about how to make simple different. What’s different about shirt to the this other shirt? Why buy white Marc Jacobs dress when I could just buy this white Dior dress? If you’re going to do simple, you need to create clothing that is still unique, however hard that may be. Brands need to stand out from the others, and what we got this SS15 was many collections that showed the same old garments over and over again.