my favourite piece of cinema trivia as a child and probably still now tbh is that Kubrick didn’t tell Slim Pickens that Dr. Strangelove was a comedy and his role a parody

he straddled that nuclear bomb screaming YEEHAW firmly believing he was playing it straight as an American Hero bomber pilot givin’ it to the Russkis and that is all you need to know about post-McCarthy American cinema


Rosewater might surprise fans of Jon Stewart, who probably won’t expect a film of such serious tones to mark his directorial debut. The Daily Show host has been long cemented as one of America’s great satirists, and a film that tackles politics through humor—like Dr. Strangelove or Wag the Dog—might seem more likely. For Stewart, he doesn’t retain a sense of humor despite all the wrongs in the world, but because of it. As he puts it, “[Comedy] is the enzyme that I use to process these events.” (via Jon Stewart on His Directorial Debut, ‘Rosewater’ | Under the Radar - Music Magazine)


On this day in music history: November 20, 1955 - R&B legend Bo Diddley makes his one and only appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Sullivan will request that Diddley perform the song “Sixteen Tons’, he will defy the host by performing his current hit “Bo Diddley” on the live telecast. This will anger Sullivan, and Diddley will be banned from ever appearing on the show again. Though the major national television exposure will introduce him to wider audience beyond his loyal R&B fanbase. Though he will never appear on the show again, Bo Diddley’s signature syncopated rhythm will become one of the most influential in the history of rock & roll, inspiring countless songs from Buddy Holly’s “Not Fade Away” and The Strangeloves’ “I Want Candy” to Bruce Springsteen’s “She’s The One” and George Michael’s “Faith”.

soo-sad asked:


  1. Bring me the horizon - Shadow moses
  2. Alt J - Taro
  3. The Smiths - I know it’s over
  4. Of monsters and men - Sillhouettes
  5. The xx - Missing
  6. Pink Floyd - Time
  7. MGMT - Weekend Wars
  8. Mazzy Star - Still Cold
  9. Lorde - A world alone
  10. Lana Del Rey - Sad Girl
  11. Depeche mode - Strangelove
  12. Joy Division - Glass
  13. London Grammar - Hey Now
  14. Florence and the machine - Leave my body
  15. Hurts - Blind

You might not be a Quentin Tarantino enthusiast, but are you a Kubrick’s one?

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