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Another image I like but that I did not select to go into the StillWalks video below.

Sepia Footbridge

I mostly work with colour images but now and then I find one that I think benefits from the monochrome treatment. I have a preference for the sepia effect but usually prefer to create this myself rather than use a ready made filter.

This footbridge is featured in the StillWalks video below – Troserch Woodland Walk – but not this shot of it and not in monochrome.

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Old Wood

I don’t know how much, if any, of Troserch Woodland is ancient but it is a beautiful place to walk and the cycle of growth and decay is inevitable in all woodland let alone anywhere else.

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Horses at Sunrise

The Troserch Woodland Walk StillWalks video features a horse - but not this one! Perhaps more importantly, it features the sound of a horse in the early morning.

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Woodland Walk Video

"Troserch Woodland Walk" is a StillWalks video I produced one early morning last Summer.  I was looking through the images from this production recently and found a number that I like but that did not make it into the video.