Garden Blues

Three or four years ago I produced a StillWalks Springtime video of our garden. I was watching the video recently and was reminded that although the garden is long, I used very few longer, more open shots in the image sequence. There were two reasons for this – one was that the garden arrangement at the time meant that in framing longer shots, there was too often some aspect of the background…

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Descending From The Hills

Descending From The Hills

Nearing the end of my walk(s) around the hills, the countryside reaches in almost to my front door. It does, at least, only take a few minutes walk to reach a point where the concrete and paving disappears and the sounds of traffic fade into the distance. Instead, once up on top of the hills, it is the sound of the Skylarks that can be heard.

I am sure I have posted other recordings of these…

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