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Hi Steffi! Sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you could give me more infos about DCBB? I was thinking about partecipating in it (as a writer) but.. I really don't know much about it? I know authors and artists sign up, then authors chose a fanart and make their piece about it? lol Do you have more infos? or like, can you link me to an infos, FAQ page? (also, do I need a LJ account?) Thanks! ♥

I’m going to reply to this in public because someone else might want to know.

To start: it’s easiest if you get a LJ account because you’ll have to make a post to the LJ community even if you post your fic on AO3 or elsewhere. 

Then: here’s the LJ community and in the sidebar to the left there’s a FAQ (linked again for easy access). Read through the FAQ and I think most questions will be answered! You can also see the dates that are relevant for this project (when drafts are due, when claimings are etc)

Now: what you’re thinking of is the reverse Big Bang. Any regular Big Bang works the following way:

  • You sign up either for the MiniBang (minimum wordcount 10k) or the BigBang (minimum wordcount 20k) but you’re given the option to upgrade or downgrade so if you’re not sure if your story can be told in 20k then choose the MiniBang option.
  • Once you’re ready to go you start writing your project.
  • After drafts are due you’ll have to write a summary and a list of warnings. This summary will go online anonymously and artists will choose a fic that seems interesting to them. Remember: you want to attract an artist, so let the artist know what to expect.
  • On claiming day artists will choose stories and then you’ll have your partner to work with! You’ll have to send them your draft (do it as soon as possible). Try to stay in contact with your artist. This can be really fun!
  • Until your due date you can still work on your fic and you’ll have to get it beta read by someone.
  • Then on your posting date you post your fic, your artist posts their art and one of you will have to make a masterpost on the DCBB community!
  • And then you can be very proud of yourself because you’ve completed a DCBB! Yay!



People in Vienna, Part 1.

Patrick, Alice, Steffi, Kirsten, Melanie, Stefan, Hilde, Veronica, Diana.

Canon AE-1, 35mm

©Monjaret Manon