you know how a group of crows is called a murder? here are other pretty funny ones
  • group of caterpillars:army
  • group of chicks:peep
  • group of cockroaches:intrusion
  • group of elks:gang
  • group of flamingos:flamboyance
  • group of giraffes:tower
  • group of jays:party
  • group of larks:exaltation
  • group of mice:mischief
  • group of penguins:rookery
  • group of raccoons:nursery
  • group of rhinoceros:crash

anonymous asked:

... don't you see how obsessing over people who are on your blog, locating people through their IPs, and demanding people identify themselves to you is, essentially, some shadow of the same stalking/abusive behavior that you described that can make some people nervous/upset/paranoid about being around you? Or do you just not practice what you preach? Maybe it's time you let go! And this is the internet dear, I'll do what I want!

1. you compared making sure my abuser isnt stalking me or having their friends stalk me AGAIN to actual stalking and abusive behavior. i’m going to sit here and shake my head at you for  long time now, because you’ve made it abundantly clear you don’t give a damn about abuse survivors and/or victims or neurodivergent people. the second-hand embarrassment is soooooo bad 

2. “obsessing” = me asking ppl to message me privately who they are so i don’t dissociate and have a panic attack? how dare i be concerned for my own mental health

3.  you make it out to be me sitting some anonymous person down and interrogating them for all their personal info. i don’t like putting people on the spot. if you knew what you were talking about, you would know i have often apologized for doing so in the posts addressing me asking people to message me. its not something i enjoy but right now it’s crucial to my mental health and my safety. 

4. let it gooooo let it gooooooo and i’ll rise like the brink of dawwwwwwwwn

5. “dear” im out someone else take over pls


nathanielbuildsatesseract yeah see i am very shallow with respect to movies, i like explosions and gratuitous violence and hot people and big imaginary guns and shit

implausibility only bothers me for certain kinds of scifi

secondhand embarrassment is evil and i have physically run away from high school comedies and shit

most comedies and dramas are awful for this reason and also other reasons

Ha… it just struck me the other day, how Sherlock could possibly know about project H.O.U.N.D. - they shut it away 1986, he was still a child back then. But he read about it, somewhere. That’s classified CIA material, where could he have read about that?

At first I thought little Sherlock might have hacked into Mycroft’s computer someday, but right now I stumbled upon your Mummy Holmes theory again, and I don’t know… I mean, the Holmes parents are clearly connected to the USA (Oklahoma). Why not Liberty, Indiana? Mummy Holmes being a genius and all…

I mean, there clearly is a parallel between her and Dr Stapleton, Redbeard and Bluebell. (I know you think Redbeard was a human, “the other one” even, but let’s just assume for a moment it really was a dog)

I don’t want to say Redbeard did glow in the dark. And I don’t want anyone to read Kirsty’s email in kid!lock’s voice because it’s just heartbreaking… But I don’t think, even if TPTB are trying to sell that story, that there is a single episode that doesn’t contain hints to the big plot that’s going on, Sherlock vs his nemesis. And THoB sticks out a bit, because at least I never saw much of a connection. Until now.

Your thoughts about this? :)

Yeah, I’ve actually thought for a long time that Mummy/Mummy’s research might have somehow been involved with HOUND - I mean, if the Thing (Jim’s Big Project) is a mind/emotion altering thing, then it seems really likely that HOUND was another version/trial run/something …

(Tho I actually don’t think the Thing is a mind/emotion altering thing simply because that’s kind of lame/Jim’s more into technology stuff, but I do admit that it’s the theory that’s most supported by the evidence we have now)