German Wehrmacht soldiers rest in the sweltering summer heat during a lull in the Battle of Belgorod. The sign states “The shortest way home is as a Russian war captive.” The Germans failed to win the battle and Belgorod was retaken by the Soviets on 6 August 1943. Belgorod Oblast, Russia, Soviet Union. July 1943. Image take by Franz Grasser.

Renovations at Latvia’s Academy of Sciences have uncovered a secret “KGB room,” where agents of the Soviet secret police could surreptitiously monitor visitors at a concert hall during conferences and performances, Latvian media reported.

The Stalin-era building in the capital, Riga, was being renovated after decades of disuse that followed the 1991 Soviet collapse, Latvia’s Diena newspaper reported Wednesday.

"Renovating the hall, we found a very interesting object: a KGB room from which they [agents] could observe the entire auditorium," producer Juris Miller, who is in charge of the renovations, was quoted as saying.

Restorers plan to preserve the room and turn it into a museum, similar to DDR Museum in Berlin, to ”expose” features of life under the Soviet regime, Miller told Diena.

Anthem of Armenian SSR
  • Anthem of Armenian SSR
  • State Academic Chapel of Armenia, Symphony Orchestra of TV and Radio of Armenia
  • National Anthems of the USSR and Union Republics

Soviet free world – Armenia!
You passed a severe path for centuries,
Your brave sons struggled for you,
For you to become the Armenians’ motherland.


Glorious be, glorious always Soviet Armenia!
Work-loving and architect-building,
Unbreakable by peoples’ holy alliance,
You are blooming and creating your bright future!

Immortal Lenin presented us with eternal fire,
The happiness-bringing dawn shone upon us,
The October rescued us from the destruction.
And gave us newly bright and glorious life.


Great Russia extended to us the hand of friendship
We created a strong new state.
Our wise Party of Lenin,
Is victoriously leading us to Communism.


Anthem of Georgian SSR
  • Anthem of Georgian SSR
  • State Choir Chapel and State Symphony Orchestra of Georgia
  • National Anthems of the USSR and Union Republics

Praised be over the ages, my homeland,
The renewed hearth of heroes,
By the Great Party’s mind,
And Lenin’s wisdom you’ve been risen.

Your dreams came true,
For which you shed your blood,
A tireless hand of toiler
Has brought to a blooming you.

The Great October’s banners shine
Has illuminated your ancient peaks,
Liberty, courage and doughtiness,
Have turned you into the sunny land.

In the fraternal family of peoples
You’ve reached singular heights,
With friendship and nationwide strength,
You triumphed and will triumph.

From time immemorial your
Mind, sword and courage were radiant.
Today, Georgia’s serene future
Is forged by Lenin’s temper generation.

Communism’s sun is shining
Increasingly bright over you,
Praised be over the ages, my Motherland,
My native land.