Someone asked about how I export 3D vector renders, so I put together a little walkthrough

I’m using Maya, so I’m not sure if this will apply to other 3d programs.

First create your models. Very important step :D

Switch your render settings to Maya Vector.


If this option isn’t available, go to Window > Setting/ Preferences > Plug-In Manager and make sure it’s checked.

Under the Maya Vector tab in Render Settings, turn off fill objects (if you just want the edges) and turn include edges on. Make sure to check hidden edges if you have intersecting shapes


If you want the entire mesh wireframe to show, harden the normals of your mesh.

Default normal angle:


Hardened edge:


Now, rendering time! Sometimes I just save a high resolution render as an png and use that, but for more control you can export it to Adobe Illustrator. Go back to the common tab and choose the adobe illustrator format.


Switch the menu set to “rendering” and go to Render > Batch Render

the AI file will be saved in the image folder of your project 

and…tada. Adobe power!




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let-it-geaux disse:

How about my own little headcanon for the mermaid au? Kristoff likes bringing Anna shiny objects that he finds on coral reefs. Anna loves them.

omg omg omg yes

Like he doesn’t get Anna’s obsession with clothing or hair but it’s bright and nice??? And then I found this thing and it’s bright and nice??? Here u take it u like bright and nice things.

And then she loves it so he makes a mental note- Anna likes shiny things. And now their regular collectors.

This woiuld have a downside though… any digital stuff Elsa puts on the beach would get collected. Kristoff’s tracker would end up in Anna’s pile. Hilarity and confusion would ensue.