James Flint: From now on we will be using codenames. You can address me as ‘Eagle One.’ Thomas, codename ‘Been There, Done That.’ Miranda is 'Currently Doing That.’ Eleanor is 'It Happened Once in a Dream.’ Billy, codename 'If I Had To Pick a Dude.’ John is 'Eagle Two.’

John Silver: Oh, thank God.

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Regina acts the same around Robin as she did around Cora.

I finally figured it out.  Why OQ creeps me out so much.  With CS it was more obvious, but OQ has always bothered me way more…in a more subtle insidious way…here is why.

Looking at the new promo with the return of Cora it hit me, so I went back to rewatch the Storybrook Regina/Cora scenes and BAM! it hit me.  These are concise and specific acting choices by Lana…voice(timid, soft) body language(hesitant, stiff) facial expression…God, the facial expressions(scared, soft, weak, unsure, DESPERATE.)  The Regina (that Lana chooses to portray) around her mother screams of desperation for love and acceptance…despite all the horrible things her mother has done, Regina would STILL do anything and take and crumbs of affection from her mother.  Can you imagine what a mind fuck that is? If your mother can’t love you, who can?  A parents love is supposed to be unconditional. What does that do to you sense of self worth?  

Then there was Henry…she was desperate to keep his love.  When I rewatch S1, I don’t see an Evil Regina in SB…i see a terrified and desperate Regina.  Henry’s love becomes VERY conditional on her being good and not using magic.  I do think that relationship is mending, he is maturing and understands more about gray areas and is no longer so rigid in Good v Evil and such…but, still Regina has to still feel she has to walk a line with him.

Regina does not feel she is worthy of anyone’s unconditional love…no matter what she does or doesn’t do she has NEVER had anyone to love her unconditionally and put her above anything else…her father loved her, but had the same relationship with Cora as she did. so could not/would not protect her.  And Daniel just had no clue what he was getting into.

Now, with OQ Regina is betting on a sure thing…I mean if your SOULMATE can’t love you, who can?  It’s a test to see of she is truly redeemable.  When Regina first met Robin in SB and FTL she acted “normal”…snarky, smart, no BS…it wasn’t until the tattoo/pixie dust reveal that her behavior around him changed.  She became quiet, timid, stiff…like she is afraid to upset him in any way.  Her mannerisms and voice when she is around him are IDENTICAL to how she acted around her mother.  It screams of desperation for love and affection, she is willing to change completely in the hopes of him loving and choosing her.  It actually turns my stomach but I went back and watched the OQ scenes (thankfully there werent too many) but yeah it’s there…look at her eyes…terrified, timid, desperate.

On the flip side I love the way she acts around Emma…snarky, smart, but soft around the edges.  Emma is the ONLY person I have seen her be totally relaxed and HERSELF with.

So, no matter what happens with the finale, I truly think OQ is doomed and SQ is still Endgame…until the final seconds of the final episode of the last season…I will think I am right.  I am just following where the story has taken me, cutting out all the extraneous Bullshit.

I find it incredibly ironic that people say that Killian doesn’t understand Emma when so far he has shown he knew her best and not because he was looking at himself first but because he was worried about her only.

It is ironic because these people say only Regina does understand her when we are talking about the woman who calls Emma on her food manners and how she acts like a petulant child. This woman ignores the fact she made Emma an orphan. And the one who says that she understands how it feels to be turned into a monster whole all the decisions she took were her owns

If there’s someone who doesn’t understand Emma it is Regina.

I was trying to understand what exactly feels wrong to me about CaptainSwan, and a question crosses my mind:

Did we ever have notion of a physical interaction between Killian and Emma beyond kisses?

I know OUAT is a family show, but we had more that hints about Charmings and OutlawQueen having sex, or at least desiring to. Those couples (as much as I don’t like OQ) share a clear physical attraction. While CS, besides Hook’s jokes in S2/S3A (before they were an actual couple), seems to lack of any sexual tension.

Maybe they have misunderstood a strong friendship for a love, there would be plenty of reasons for this (Hook’s need of redemption, Emma’s desire of a “normal life” and of making her parents happy, the strong bond they both had with Neal…).

(Disclaimer: this isn’t actually angsty.)

They’d been dreading this for a while now.

Even though her parents had warmed up to Regina to the point where they might almost have been friends, Emma had no idea how they would react when they learned she was dating their daughter. It could go a lot of ways, and to be honest, Emma would have been happy if they never found out.

But Regina had insisted. It was important to her that they could be honest about their relationship. So Emma had nodded and she’d made the call and now here they were at the loft, making uncomfortable small talk over dinner as Mary Margaret and David exchanged pointed glances.

“So,” David said after they’d all finished eating, “what is it you wanted to talk to us about?”

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If the writers do the thing where all the characters go back to the EF and the roles are reversed I’m honestly going to quit watching the show. It’s such a contrived plot and we could’ve gotten a way more cohesive season if they hadn’t decided to do Frozen last minute (I’m sorry to anyone who liked the arc but to me it was completely pointless and only a way to bring viewers in). It’s obvious that they had planned for Cruella and Ursula to come into 4A and then transition into 4B with Maleficent but they had no time to do that because of Frozen. I really don’t want the heroes to become the villains and vice versa. It’s a disservice to the characters we all fell in love with. We all see a bit of ourselves within Emma, whether we like it or not and if they decide to make Emma dark the writers are going to get significant backlash for it. I don’t want to watch that shit. They’ve hinted so much in the answers they’ve given at interviews it’s blatantly obvious what they are going to do and it kinda pisses me off. The fandom has uncovered every major plot this half season; Lily being Maleficent’s daughter, Zelena being Marion and Zelena having a baby, if what we all think happens, I will be very very dissatisfied.