Diary 101

I sense DOOM  in the air. I’ve had a rough week and I’m emotionally and mentally exhausted. I cry and laugh at the smallest things though I am not  A SENSITIVE person. I have exams tomorrow and the day after and I am totally NOT READY. I stare at one page for like 20 minutes then *SPOOOF* my brain cells just pop. so I stop, I sit and stare at the ceiling, at the walls, at the window, at anything BUT the book. HA! Think about wasted time. I’m disappointed, frustrated and grumpy. yes. GRUMPY. like an old woman with her monthly ‘girl’ flu, crimson hero, aunt flo, whatever you call it for thou shall not explicitly state it. So affected by things that I chose to lock myself up from civilization just to destress and desensitize, to limit the harm done. Okay, so lemme just flip that. 


There. See what I mean?

Elly The Tairen 10:45 PM August 8 2014