Wanna tussle? More on fight scenes.

Anonymous asked: How does one write a good fight scene?

Step one: Most of the time, it’ll be best to avoid starting it with the phrase “wanna tussle?”

From there, you might find these links useful:

For when things get ugly, check out On Killing Characters. 

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This morning I saw an apple and for a moment I didn’t recognize it. Just for a second I was like, what is that, a paperweight? Oh, its an apple. Weird not seeing it in a pie. Now, I’m not proud of this, and I think it means I have officially hit rock bottom.


so long :( oscob


“Downing a drink without you?”
He purses lips before a mischievous
smirk crossed his lips, small hum
settling in throat as he whispers.

❝You are one rude ass.❞ Sighing  in defeat
at the way he’s completely enjoying this drink
without  her.   She  ushers  over besides him,
arm slinging around his shoulder  to give it a
small pat. ❝Let me have some too, jeez.❞

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hA piece of schet. Y don't U spNd yor tym doin somTIN useful insted of shiting on sororities?

The hell… what language is this?


The YouTuber blinked slightly at the female’s blunt words and she just stared at her, before tilting her head to the side, “…What are you talking about Hana…? What am I lying about?” She never really said anything to the female and just hearing the blunt statement surprised her.

❝I asked if you were fine. You said yes.❞ Moments like these, Hana felt obligated to sink her teeth to capture the tip of her tongue. In these cases, she needed to point the obvious. What her eyes can read, she’s too observant. Noticing the tiniest of details, habits and appearances that create the person she engages in a conversation with.

Being in another’s business when it most likely was uncomfortable, it’s a risky situation. Either way, she’s taking the opportunity to ask. It’s better to see people in her life starting to crumble into fragments. ❝Just — getting this feelin’ that you don’t mean what you said.❞ Being lied to was never a great feeling but sometimes there’s a reason behind concealed remarks to withdraw the truth. Hana learned that the hard way.

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1-10 <33

b ilysm om

1. my current mood?? 

idk i cant tell lol

2. if u cld meet a celbrity who wld it b & y?

SNCKPCK idk if he counts as a celbrity but i lov him a lot

3. u win 1 mil $$ wat th 1st thng u  spnd it on??

my grndma 

4. fav song @ the momnt?? 

i just wnt 2 a fob concrt so all th songs r stuck in my head but my all tim fav is “pawn shop blues” by lana del rey 

5. wat r u wern rn? 

nothn lol ;^) no but 4rl sweats nd th shirt i ran in ths afternoon lol

6. least fav singer? 

idk !! thy r all rly talentd 

7. 1 thng ur cravn rn ? 


8. last movie u watchd?? 

rubber lol

9. fav quote 

“today is a good day to hav a good day”

10. hav any piercings ??? 

my gma once piercd my eays w a needle nd they closd up now so no :^(