Cas enjoying a sunset or rather Cas watching Dean and Sam for anonymous.

This was intended to be made in palette #58 but I decided pretty early that I wanted to do a normal drawing with detailed background again and even though this was a lot of work it was so much fun. (´∇ノ`*)ノ

Harry Potter movie marathon because Charlie and Sam would totally join forces and force Dean to watch them <3

Summary of what happened in Charlie’s apartment during the marathon: Cas kept asking Sam questions about every single thing; Dean didn’t get any pie nor licorice, while Cas ate a lot of popcorns marshmallows; Charlie wore her Holyhead Harpies t-shirt and her and Sam lip dubbed a total of 64 scenes and all of the Chamber of Secrets; Dean said ‘nerds’ about 80 times and Charlie replied ‘We prefer Potterheads’  every single time.

But most importantly,  all was well even if just for a few hours.

ngh I made it sad I didn’t want to

Little bonus: …..I think Cas really liked Luna :)


Hope you like :)


He doesn’t say “I love you”, like a normal person. Instead, he’ll laugh, shake his head, give you a little smile and say: “You’re an idiot.”

Fluff is what will get me through this hellatus WHO’S WITH ME