Everyone who was involved thought that some space was needed after all the negative things that were said. R Kelly is a wonderful producer and a wonderful artist. He’s all good, but that time was very tense, so it’s not really appropriate for us to see each other.
—  Aaliyah, MusicGala.com

"Every time I see your photos, I am instantly happier because they’re yours & because they sing. They are lyrical & beautiful & spontaneous & just enough self-conscious to make them precious, they enter the heart before the mind. They sing."

- T.

I’m a 23 year-old Psychology student from Berlin. The child of two loving parents, the sister of three beautiful monsters, a cousin, a friend, and most of all an observer. 

I’m also a professional pessimist. And since this job doesn’t leave much space for compliments, I’ve found a way to show my beloved ones how beautiful, how unique they are. How I see them & how they should dare to see themselves. Ich sehe was, was Du nicht siehst!

Thanks, photography, for the easy way out.




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eavesdropping on i while peeling snails

i recite storms while picking the last cucumbers
and fling snails off plants whose houses are weathered
and brittle because they too have seen sun
rain and wind fall upon them
and memory is now a  pinholed space
just when i was trying to teach you how to swim in no water
i had thought;
your head was a spit on the cement of the swimming pool
just painted a static cobalt to make you think water
hides clean
while the most lovable has left these limbs of mine
as the winter succeeds over the margins.

Together we will  keep the Shabbat of 24/25 October  from sundown to stars out. 

We will keep it in its entirety, in all of its halachic detail and splendour as it has been kept throughout the ages.

Its rhythm will unite us with each other, with Jews around the world and throughout the ages.

On this day we will create a warm and loving space, holding our families together.

On this day we will lay down the burdens, distractions, demands and pressures of daily life.

On this day we will renew ourselves, emerging spiritually, emotionally and physically invigorated.

On this day we will own our precious heritage, wearing it as a badge of pride and honour.

Together we embark on this great adventure to rediscover our G-d-given gift of Shabbat.

anonymous said:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write more (accidentally, or not) cuddling Root and Shaw and Root being skittish about her feelings for Shaw. PLEASE!

Ah, anon, I’m glad you like that! It was actually more of writing in the spur of the moment thing.

So… I’ll try again.


Shaw doesn’t mind being crowded. She’s used to it: cramped into places with Cole back when she was in the Activity, jammed into back of trucks, planes, a crowded marketplace where Shaw had to blend in while hiding a submachine gun. It’s nothing new for Shaw.

And the first time Root met Shaw, Root crossed the personal space zone in a big way. 

So Root crowding her personal space, while irritating at first is something she can ignore.

One place that’s hard to ignore: in the trunk of a car, stuffed between a bag that’s digging into her bag and with Root right there next to her. The last time she was in a trunk it was with John and for the same reason too, hiding out from the all seeing eye of Samaritan.

"This is new," Root said, her voice soft and barely above a whisper. 

"Not for me." Shaw spent a disturbing amount of time in car trunks. Shaw adjusted and shifted until whatever it was poking her back moved. She moved her head and frowned, noticing the strain in Root’s face. "What’s with you?"

"I don’t know what you mean, Sameen," Root said. Using her first name. It meant Root knew exactly what Shaw meant. 

The trunk wasn’t roomy and there were tools around the trunk (the car owner didn’t know the meaning of cleaning up), there was also a golf bag where Root was, and yet there was a decent amount of space between them.

"I’m pretty sure a pair of nine irons are digging into your back."

"It’s a Callaway Big Bertha Hybrid," Root corrected.

"Right. You’re going to hurt your back, there’s still space here, scoot closer."

"Why, Sameen, do you want me up close and personal?

Of course she’ll take it that way, “No. I’m saying there’s enough space here you don’t need to risk a back problem.” 

"I’m fine where I am but if you want I can always move closer.” Root was back to being flirty.

"Okay, then do it."

Root blinked then smirked, “Okay.”

Shaw waited as Root failed to close the gap and the smirk on Root’s face was starting to look painful. Shaw heard someone lean on a horn and felt the car turn, just as it did, Shaw reached out and poked Root’s ribs.

Root let out a startled sound, the arm she used to keep her steady jerked, and the momentum of the turn pushed Root close to Shaw. Her arm fell around Shaw’s shoulders.

After Root recovered, Root looked at Shaw and this time her smirk was real. “If you wanted to cuddle you could have just asked.”

"Right." Shaw said and shouldered Root’s arm away. The arm fell around her waist. They were close enough Shaw could see the whites of Root’s eyes, feel Root’s breath on her face. "Don’t take this an invitation."

"Wouldn’t dream of it, Sam." Sam. Now Root’s really trying to get under her skin.

The car suddenly stopped, pushing them closer. Root’s hands took a firm hold of Shaw’s shirt. Shaw can feel the material stretch. 

"We’re here." Root announced, unnecessarily.

"I kind of figured," Shaw said drily.

"Am I interrupting something?" Harold asked. 

Root released Shaw’s shirt then offered a bright smile at Harold. “Only a discussion about how a hybrid club could ruin my back.”

Shaw sat up and pulled herself out of the trunk. The weirdest shit keep happening to her in car trunks.

"Next time," she said, addressing John who was smirking at her, "you hide out in the trunk.”



Mars Orbiter Image Shows Comet Nucleus is Small

Pasadena CA (JPL) Oct 23, 2014

The High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured views of comet C/2013 A1 Siding Spring while that visitor sped past Mars on Sunday (Oct. 19), yielding information about its nucleus. The images are the highest-resolution views ever acquired of a comet coming from the Oort Cloud at the fringes of the solar system. Other spac
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