I’m in love with this campaign from the SPA (the French equivalent of PETA, but only taking care of pets, I guess)
They’re launching an adoption campaign, and they have several posters, all with the same slogan “At the SPA, everybody can adopt”
And then
They “came out” (hihi) with this poster, showing two men and a cat
Which is a deliberal wink to the fact that the French law still forbids gay couples to adopt—a single person can adopt, but not a gay couple which is outrageous now that they can get married
And I love that they don’t care about the “Manif pour tous” and other gay haters


It was so much fun being fem!Jake. The circle lenses were sponsored by maplelens! You should check them out. ^_^ These are the Princess Mimi Apple Green lenses; they are super comfortable and have wonderful color payoff and amazing enlargement! The design of these lenses is so pretty~

Photographer: reignave 

i’m going into bath city centre this evening and i don’t know anyone yet, so if you see a girl in a green jacket who looks totally lost while walking trough the streets… it’s me

((( i’m probably too shy to say hello to anyone but would be totally happy if someone would talk to me )))

this post is hella awkward