Peek behind the curtain. As I’ve worked on I HATE FAIRYLAND I’ve found Gert. That means the cover is a bit out of date. Leading into solicits, I’m giving her an update so she’ll match the look on the inside. #ihatefairyland #imagecomics

Vitality magazine Opens for Submissions of Prose and Poetry - Pays $50/poem

Having been closed since the end of December, Vitality magazine has reopened a reading period to solicit more flash fiction, short stories, poetry, and art/illustrators.

Launched last year after a successful Kickstarter campaign, the publication showcases entertaining and uplifting stories that portray queer people in a positive mindset and do not focus exclusively on the hardships or negative issues they commonly encounter due to their gender or sexuality.

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Wait is Aradia and solicit are sleeping in dream bubbles why can the team just wake them up so they can help beat condy and the others

They are not sleeping in the dreambubbles, they are physically in the dreambubbles.

The Secret Six Return in this Sneak Peek

The Secret Six Return in this Sneak Peek

DC Comics has released an official 8-page sneak peek for the all-new Secret Six issue #3, written by Gail Simone. Solicit Synopsis: Six outcasts (or seven, if you count the murderous puppet) are thrown together and forced to carry out deadly missions by an anonymous force that hates their guts. They’ll have to learn how to become a team pretty quickly, as survival is not guaranteed! Read this…

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Lightspeed magazine Opens Reading Period for Sci-F/F Stories - Pays 8 cents/word

Lightspeed magazine, an online sci-fi and fantasy publication, is opening a brief reading period, from June 1st to July 15th, to solicit original stories, 1500-10K words, on diverse topics and genres in its niche.

A three-time Hugo Award finalist, Lightspeed has published both best-selling and emerging sci-fi/fantasy writers.

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May 29, 2015

It was Monument Street, a boulevard of storefront businesses nestled in East Baltimore. It is a mixture of the atmosphere in tales about the Harlem Renaissance and Philadelphia’s South Street where Young Moose’s OTM (Out The Mud) store serves as the hub for his fans and supporters to pick up merchandise as well as copies of his series of mixtapes. The store is also subject to police monitoring who goes in and out of the store. I watched a policeman pace up and down the block a few times before soliciting a conversation conveniently across the street. Moose arrived and dapped me, a complete stranger, up just as he would someone he’s known for a substantial amount of time. I had the opportunity to take his portrait and learn just a little about the life experiences that mold his artistry. It was remarkable to witness someone who’s garnered so much attention remain true to the essence of who he is. While most seem to change, Moose still makes it a point to grab a 99¢ can of Hawaiian Punch from the corner store. In contrast to big time rappers, kids from the community are still able to walk up in their school uniform to show Moose love and snap a quick picture for the gram. No body guards, no publicists whisking the up and coming artist away. It is this sort of modesty coupled with relatable lyrics that prove why he is one of, if not the most revered artists in the city. Check out his collection of mixtapes and be on the lookout for new projects on the way.

Clovis made his way through the marketplace in Bandle; He had the list of things he wanted to gather for him and Kumo, and might aswell get things to take back to Demacia. There was some people shouting over at the park area with a handful of folks standing there listening. The butler was too busy to get closer and hear what was being preached. 

By the time he was done with his purchases, the event had dissipated but there were still people there to hand out fliers, Clovis really didn’t enjoy getting stopped on the street or even solicited at home; so he attempted to stay ass far to the side as possible while he passed. But out of the corner of his eye, he could see one of them had taken notice, as a yordle in robes rushed over to him. This made Clovis panic, why was he coming all the way over here? and at that speed? He decided to look over to see what the stranger was expressing having almost reached him.

This robed yordle was slightly bigger than him, a very light fur color, purple eyes; and his gown was somewhat over the top in design, it made Clovis assume he was in charge of this group. As for his disposition, he looked very excited for some reason.

“Hello my brethren, I couldn’t help but notice you have a tail…” He stretched out his hand for a shake. “My name is Moreth.”

A guy soliciting for a pest control company rang the doorbell, freaked out the dog, and woke up the baby. All that is forgivable. But when I told him 6 times (I counted) that I wasn’t interested, he asked to speak to my husband. Violence is never the answer BUT MAYBE JUST THIS ONE TIME…

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like that other person said, you are a big inspiration to me as well. I'll keep fighting if you do.


do not hinge your wellbeing on the wellbeing of someone else.

do not place the responsibility of your being on someone else who is not prepared or has not solicited for that responsibility.

i can barely take care of myself. i can’t take care of you, too.

hinge your wellbeing on the extent of your own ability and how willing you are to get better. not mine.

i know this was said with good intention, but it reminds me too much of something the therapists in intensive outpatient care told us to avoid.

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@ idcp/grandtran fiasco: it has been wildly speculated that idcp is faking being trans for attention (because she says she has no dysphoria. she claims that "tumblr" [more like attempting to transition] caused her dysphoria. which makes her [gasp] cis!). there is a forum on kiwifarms that documents all of the crazy shit she has done in the past as well as the most recent events. all grandtran wanted to see was her estrogen prescription, not her fugly, blurry dick pics. nobody wanted that, ew.

@ idcp/grandtran fiasco 2: the original post was a submission linking back to the forum, which grandtran requested i submit to him. idcp replied with her horrendous dick pics and claimed that he solicited her for nudes when anyone in their right mind would never do that. people found her main blog and the rest of her nudes, which she posted of her own volition, and then she deleted the blog and played dumb. now, she’s pretending that grandtran deleted bc he realized he was wrong, but no. @ idcp/grandtran fiasco 3: i know grandtran myself and he deleted bc he finally realized how disgusting and toxic tumblr is. idcp’s hoard swarmed on him and began suicide baiting him, among other things, as well as claiming he is a “cissexist transmisogynist”, never minding idcp’s own rampant hatred of trans men and cis people. honestly: grandtran did nothing wrong. he voiced his suspicion that many other people had and she targeted him due to their shared past (idcp abused/manipulated his bff).

I see…

Shit’s crazy


Prompt: Jared/Richard: On the DL. Three times Richard denied he was sleeping with Jared, and one time he finally admitted it.


Richard is laughing as he enters the house, listening to a story Jared is telling about his old coworker.

“And see, here’s the important part, she knew it was caught the entire time.”


“I believe the HR rep referred to it as, soliciting reactions from her coworkers.”

“Man,” he watches Jared go into the kitchen as he makes his way over to his computer. He sits down and when he looks up literally everyone in the room is staring. “What?”

Gilfoyle crosses his arms and leans forward. “So when you two fuck do you quote trivia facts to each other?”

Richard shakes his head, incredulous. “I’m not sure what you mean.”

“Oh come on Richard we all saw that.” Dinesh sighs. “Honestly we’re not clueless.”

“And if you think we’re prejudiced it’s not because we are, we just think he’s a giant tool.”

“One of those useless kitchen gadgets that only does like, one thing.” Dinesh adds. “He’s probably a melon baller.”

“Or that useless toast tongs rich white people buy.”

“Guys we’re not fucking. I’m not fucking Jared. He’s not fucking me. No subset of that is happening.” Richard puts on his headphones and gets to work.



“Richard, get in here,” Erlich calls from the kitchen.

“Why always the kitchen,” Richard mutters. He’s not even certain Erlich has a bed sometimes. Whenever he’s trying to find him he has way better luck in the kitchen.

“I don’t approve.”

“Of what?” Richard sighs.


“I already know you don-”

“You can do so much better. Honestly that guy? You do remember Monica asked you out for drinks right? Monica? Remember her?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You’re definitely fucking Jared. I’ve seen those looks on other people Richard. I know what a ‘we just fucked face’ looks like.”

Richard makes a disgusted face and goes to the cupboard. He might as well get a snack while he’s out here.

“Richard we’re not done-”

“I’m not fucking Jared, Erlich. I’m just… I’m not.”

“You can’t fool me Richard.”

Richard rolls his eyes and grabs a granola bar.



“Seriously Richard, we’re not judging you. We just need to know, because I need to know what furniture to avoid.” Erlich is staring him down.

“We’re not fucking! Why won’t you guys believe me!”

“Because someone has a new condom brand and it’s definitely not Dinesh.”

“What the fuck Gilfoyle you don’t know that.”

“I do know that. You know it’s true. Don’t give Richard an out.”

“Fine, but I could definitely be having sex.”

“Sure you could.”

“Will you fucknuts stop arguing and berate Richard for hiding his sex life from us?”

“Guys I’m not having sex with Jared! I’m not having sex with anyone.”

Jared enters the room with his laptop. “Richard? we have some work to get done.”

“Right, yes. Thank you.”

Richard bolts after Jared.

“They’re probably fucking right now.” Gilfoyle shakes his head.

And one time he finally admitted it

“Hey, guys? can I get some advice?”

Erlich sets down his bong. This is serious business. “So we’re finally going to talk about you fucking Jared.”

“Wh- no, no um… why would you… why would you say that?”

Dinesh stands. “Richard, you’re asking us for advice, which you never do.”

Erlich adds, “and we are well voiced in the subject.”

“Except Dinesh.”

“Fuck you, I’ve had sex.”

“But you’re not well versed. Erlich and I know women.”

“So, Richard, what woman are you fucking if it’s not Jared?”

“Jared.” They’re all shocked. “I mean, not Jared in the sense… he’s not a woman it just… it answers your question so…”

“Holy fuck.” Gilfoyle’s eyebrows go up.

“You motherfucker.” Erlich smacks Richard on the back.

“Okay, sure, um… what do I do?”


“You’ve been fucking for weeks and you don’t know what to do.” Gilfoyle nods once. Richard takes a deep breath.

“Um… we… we did a…” He makes a lewd gesture and shakes his hands out. “Uh-”

“It’s called anal Richard we’ve all pretended we’ve done it.” Richard turns beet red. Erlich groans. “What’s the problem then?”

“I just… I don’t… what now? Um… what do I do?”

“Wait,” Erlich huffs, “are you asking for relationship advice?”

“Congratulations Richard, I am the most experienced out of this group.” Gilfoyle holds out his hand. “I will guide you down this path.”

“Jesus,” Richard rubs his face.

“You literally had sex like, twenty minutes ago didn’t you.” Dinesh groans. “Richard-”

“You just left him in there. What is this a pity fuck? One and done?”

“No! I just want… I-”

“Get your ass back in there! Relationship rule one, stay in the fucking bed.”

“This advice sounds…”

Erlich shoves him. “Go!”

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Have you seen the Joker Blogs on Youtube?

Yes, and tbh I think it’s pretty shitty that they solicited donations from their fans to produce new episodes yet haven’t posted anything new in over a year and have left their fans completely in the dark re: updates. I can appreciate that they’re busy and I imagine that Joker Blogs episodes must take an incredible amount of work to film and edit, but you shouldn’t accept money for a project unless you 100% intend to give your fans what they paid for–especially if you can’t even bother to keep them updated on the show’s progress. :/


7 FIFA officials have been arrested for corruption 

Seven FIFA officials were arrested in Switzerland at the request of the United States after being indicted for corruption and racketeering, when their five-star hotel Baur au Lac in Zurich was raided at dawn Wednesday. The soccer officials are being charged with conspiring to solicit and receive well over $150 million in bribes and kickbacks. Cue John Oliver.


There’s a preview of Issue 6 up at Comicosity!  You should go read it: it features a couple of fellas called oh I don’t know Koi Boi and Chipmunk Hunk??  

The book comes out next Wednesday, June 3rd and features words by me, pictures by Erica Kenderson, colours by Rico Renzi and letters by Clayton Cowles.  Here’s the solicit!

  • The start of a new arc!  Squirrel Girl meets some potential new allies, including… GIRL SQUIRREL?? 
  • I don’t know why we put question marks there; it’s actually what happens! 
  • Also a hippo named “Hippo” is in this issue!  
  • This character already existed and we absolutely did NOT make him up at the last minute

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I made the mistake of sending a nude. He is now holding it and showing people. I've already decided to walk away from the situation. This is a terrible first world problem. I feel anger and distraught. Please give emotional support!

you can honestly call the police and take his ass to court. that is sexual harassment and illegal soliciting of unintended pornographic images. people like this get tried just like rapists, keep that in mind.


After Varrick makes mention about how people run for government offices and are bribed with a lot of money to drop out of the elections, Korra and Bolin decide to back Asami for South Republic City, Zone 2, District 37 Comptroller. Bolin convinces Asami to drop Varrick as her campaign manager for him, which she does. Korra’s tries to solicit a bribe from a local union office, only for them to threaten her unless she gets Asami to drop out. To get back at Asami, Varrick gets Mako to run against her, dressing him up like a prostitute in hopes of bribing the current comptroller.

In the end, Asami drops out when she learns a comptroller is “just a glorified accountant,” and Bolin loses his Garbage Pail Kids cards to Varrick.


Happy Previews Day everybody!  The solicitation for Raven: The Pirate Princess #2 hit stores and the internet today and I wanted to share with you both of these amazing covers featuring one of our brand new characters.

Her name is Katie Kling

First Mate/Muscle

Katie is 6′3″, blond, and unstoppable

Her hobbies include being fencing, pencil and paper role playing games, and hitting people with chairs.

You’ll get to meet her in August in Raven: The Pirate Princess #2, which you can preorder now!

(Psst…that second cover is one of a series of propaganda posters illustrated by unassumingpumpkin and tenbandits, the first of which will be an convention exclusive!  This one you can order though!)

Which partners you are the most attracted by according to your Descendant
  • The Descendant is in the cusp of the 7th house, which is ruled by Libra. It's the opposite sign of your Ascendant/Rising and says something about our ideal complement, the one we will probably end up falling for and what we most likely seek for in our potential partners.
  • Aries:(Ascendant Libra)
  • attracted to the fiery, impulsive, adventurous, courageous and “go getter” type; most likely to be attracted to the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
  • Taurus:(Ascendant Scorpio) attracted to practical, reliable, loyal and grounded partners; most likely to be attracted to the earth signs (Tarus, Virgo, Capricorn)
  • Gemini:(Ascendant Sagittarius) attracted to witty, communicative and open-minded partners; most likely to be attracted to the air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
  • Cancer:(Ascendant Capricorn) attracted to home loving, solicitous partners, who can offer emotional security; most likely to be attracted to the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
  • Leo:(Ascendant Aquarius)attracted to a partner who is warm, confident and generous ; most likely to be attracted to the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
  • Virgo:(Ascendant Pisces) attracted to analytical, grounded and clever partners ; most likely to be attracted to the earth signs (Tarus, Virgo, Capricorn)
  • Libra:(Ascendant Aries) attracted to charming, independent partners who can offer you harmony and balance ; most likely to be attracted to the air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
  • Scorpio:(Ascendant Taurus) attracted to mysterious, powerful partners who are a bit possessive ; most likely to be attracted to the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
  • Sagittarius:(Ascendant Gemini) attracted to free spirited, independet, adventurous and funny partners ; most likely to be attracted to the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
  • Capricorn:(Ascendant Cancer) attracted to practical, ambitious, reliable and successful partners ; most likely to be attracted to the earth signs (Tarus, Virgo, Capricorn)
  • Aquarius:(Ascendant Leo) attracted to individualistic, visionary and intellectual partners ; most likely to be attracted to the air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
  • Pisces:(Ascendant Virgo) attracted to compassionate, spiritual and creative partners ; most likely to be attracted to the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

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i just read your ouat/asoiaf thing and oH MY GOD YES. but now i have to ask - what would it be like if all the asoiaf characters found themselves in storybrooke?

jaime and brienne: quickly taken in by and become bff with emma and killian (after several dick-measuring contests between jaime and killian) who tolerantly roll their eyes and knowingly smirk at j/b’s insistence that no, they are not in love with each other.

cersei: devotes herself to destroying regina, who in turn is sure as hell not taking this lying down.

tyrion: drinks at granny’s, gets kicked out, drinks at the rabbit hole, gets kicked out, is arrested by emma for trying to solicit a prostitute

tywin: comes charging into town on a war horse determined to be the BMOC, gets zapped straightaway by emma and regina with magic and easily defeated, has to rethink his life

ned and cat: find the charmings and have long talks on honor and being good people. ned and snowing bond over the dark secrets they have kept from their children.

sansa: tries to settle in and help take care of people. befriends granny, who makes lemoncakes for her and points crossbows in the faces of creepy men, and ruby, who becomes her replacement wolf (since lady is dead).

arya: wanders around aimlessly, sleeps outside in the woods, keeps trying to kill rumple (nobody really tries to stop her)

littlefinger: turf wars with rumple, starts “baelish’s totally not a pawn shop that also sells better stuff and is far classier” right next door

dany: turf wars with mal, who thinks that two dragons (herself and lily) in town are plenty already

jon: probably still knows nothing

margaery: befriends belle, knocks some sense into her

theon: extensive sessions with archie, who in true archie fashion is only marginally helpful

ramsay: given to the merry men for target practice