"Henry and Regina get together and spend an afternoon getting to know one another. It’s really sweet. Of course, Regina wants to put her arm around him, kiss him and do all the motherly things she’s always done to him, but she can’t." - Lana about the scene from ‘The Tower’ (x)

holysong said:

Your reputation is being a very graceful, but completely genuine person. I'm not even talking about your obvious skills with words but you as yourself. You're inherently kind, sweet and loving to people you open up to, and I can proudly say this because I've seen it. I just think you have so much to offer others, and your kind heart is one of the most beautiful things a girl can have. You make people love you just by being yourself. You made me feel that even as I am now, that I'm important!


[[okay I’m going to answer this OoC because I can’t even begin to tell you how much this means to me. I mean… I really can’t - any word I try to conjure is grossly inadequate to express how happy and honestly genuinely touched I am. (skill with words what is that even??) To hear something like this, especially from someone who is so kind and warm and that I respect so much means everything to me. You’re such an amazing friend, and everyone here has been so kind and wonderful to me that to know that I could impart even a portion of that in turn just makes me feel so happy. Thank you so much. Not just for saying this, but for believing it, for making me feel like I can believe it for myself and for being such an amazing friend to me. You are such an important person to me and I can’t begin to count my blessings that our paths crossed.]] 


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Sobbing Tears of Joy at The Intern

The last chapter was very bittersweet, joyous, just motherfucking perfect  

This has been a helluva ride. I think I found this fic at chapter 10 or something like that and have been on the ride since. I feel bad that I haven’t been on the Tiny chats for over two months, I usually work friday nights now but I will hopefully be on tomorrow for the “last” one since I am off. But I have been definitely keeping up. 

Lutte. You have one of the (If not the) best Ereri fic(s) out there. You had so much detail. So much thought. So much everything invested in this fic for the fans and I do plan on reading it from beginning to end straight through sometime when I have time. And shout out to Racy. The ride’s been awesome with you too and everyone from the tinychats!

We survived. We’re dead… but we survived. We are no longer the Interns. :) 


Book, work, Book, work, Book, work, Book, work, Book, work...

…this is basically my life right now.  You may have noticed that I’ve barely been around on tumblr lately (or maybe you haven’t—I don’t know your life), and the truth is that I really miss it.  I miss you lovelies, I miss fandom, I miss writing fanfiction (don’t get me wrong, I love writing my original fic, but I miss Kurt and Blaine), but I don’t imagine that I’ll have much time to spare for the next 6 weeks.

6 weeks. Yes. That is when my manuscript is due. Anyone willing to hold me while I sob tears of joy and terror?

I’ll still have lots going on even after I hand in the manuscript, but I also imagine I’ll be able to be around more. I’m also itching to get to work on the sequel to TSOOP, but I’m forcing myself to finish the novel first.

So if you don’t hear from me for awhile, don’t fret: I am around, I will reply to your messages (eventually), and I will check in from time to time. 

ok so i guess my sister said she sad that she couldn’t see milo greene/bombay bicycle club on saturday on twitter and somehow, the milo greene twitter account responded to it saying, “do it?” 

the account replying was that amazing in itself, but after my sister said that she, “didn’t have the sufficient funds to go,” the account said that, “we got you. we’ll put you on the list +1.” and then asked for her name. 

we are both currently sobbing tears of joy.