My Frend the Dimon King [Aka&Kuro, Demon!AU || Chapter 1]

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Summary: Akashi was no stranger to the crucial importance of foresight. But no one could have expected his own choices to turn on him this badly.
Or alternatively, the story of how the great Demon King was reduced to be a child’s playmate.
Prompt: AgeGap (FUNNY HOW THIS WAS MEANT TO be published on akkr week)
Warning: everyone wears horns and cool yukata. The abyss is a great place to chill until you live in it for centuries then it’s just boring. Also idk how to write humor and maybe OOC!Akashi?? idek
Notes: This is meant to be an episodic fic. Next chapters might or might not ever come based on my mood. Also this came out far longer than intended bc it’s the introduction. Others aRE SUPoSTOED TO MBE SHORrTEr

I usually like to explain things in the fics itself but for the sake of my sanity, I’ll just put it here as a general important plot concept:
Bargaining spells: you call up a demon making yourself obliged to pay them something for the service they’ll give you. If you don’t accept, the demon disappears, and that’s it. It’s a relatively safe thing, sort of.
Summoning spells: you call up a demon to serve you with no mandatory payment needed, as long as you do have the power to keep him under your control. If your power is too weak, the demon might break the bindings and kill you (if they feel like it). Which is why demon summoners want to be good at summoning spells far more than at bargaining ones. No one wants to pay a price. Free is better.

More things about demons will come up in later chapters.

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Where: Raven‘s Resort (Gabon, 2107 Abucay Hacienda, Bataan, Philippines)

When: May 09, 2015, 10am onwards

What to bring: Para sa mga dadayo, okay na yung 1000 to 1500 na pocket money, kasama na dun yung accommodation, cottage, entrance fee, transportation, foods (yung ibang food sa ‘min naman na kaya baka wala na rin kayong gagastusin, just in case lang :D). Mga damit, sabon, shampoo, etc.

From Manila: Pwede kayong sumakay ng byaheng Balanga or Mariveles (DAPAT HIGH WAY PARA MADAANAN YUNG RESORT)

From Olongapo: Pwede kayong sumakay ng mini bus, located malapit sa OCES, byaheng Balanga (HIGH WAY DIN).

Others: Amin na manggagaling yung mga materials needed para sa mga activities. Pwede rin tayong magbonfire dito, allowed yun. :) Provided na rin namin yung ibang snacks. Enjoy lang tayo!

PS: Kung gusto niyong manalo sa isang game namin, ingat sa pagpili ng susuoting damit. ;)