Feb 1 2015

hoollly mother of holy.. crazy ass work out today. Some people even asked where my boyfriend and I train.. like for olympic lifting. we lol’d

muscle snatch (sets of 5 unless noted) 45 / 55 / 55 / 65 x 3 / 65 x 3 / 65 x 3 / 65 x 4

deadlift 95 x 8 / 115 x 7 / 135 x 5 / 155 x 3 / 165 x 3 / 185 x 3 / 185 x 3 / 195 x 3**PR

back squat 95 x 5 / 115 x 5 / 135 x 5 / 155 x 5 / AND THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS ——

185 x 3 (and a half-assed one) / 185 x 2 / 155 x 8

I weigh 158 right now, feeling like a BOSS


Woo! Many responses, I wasn’t expecting that!

I’ll start off by saying this is my natal chart in case you’re nosey. I’m an Aquarius, leo moon with a scorpio ascendant. I will also say everything I say is assuming astrology is this real thing that it is not

  1. penelopesnatcher I don’t know many capricorns, hi! A capricorn with a cancer moon is a very exciting combo right there. Lots of earth signs seem to follow me. Earth signs (capricorn, virgo, taurus) seem to be drawn to me XD Moreover, I don’t know much about chinese astrology, I was born in the wooden pig, and I know you’re very lucky to be a dragon, nice score there! Aquarius in venus is a very interesting place for venus to be - mine is in taurus which its ‘ideal’ place, i.e. I’m supposedly a romantic person at heart with good regard in relationships - aquarius in venus would look at relationships in a very fresh and revolutionary way, making independant choices as to what is best for you and the various people around you.
  2. fullyarticulatedgoldskeleton another earth sign! My knowledge of the planets fades at Jupiter, I’m afraid, but I do know that pluto signs are generational which means everyone born in often the same decade will have the same pluto sign which is fascinating to me… But anyways, a saggiterius moon sounds… useful? Haha, dealing with your emotions passionately but in a direct way.
  3. enchanted-snail oh wow, you’re almost an astrological opposite to me! Aquarius and leo are opposites on the zodiac chart. Its fun having the sign that deals with your emotions and the centre of your identity be COMPLETE OPPOSITES. /sarcasm. I imagine if took a pinch of salt we might notice a few ways in which we deal with the same problems in vastly different ways! How interesting!
  4. doughnutsarepeopletoo - Eyyy libras are awesome, some of my closest and most tresured friends are libras. Pretty hella - a crash course on libras is that they are an air sign - meaning they are like air, flowy, often relaxed or open minded, whatever connotations you can get from the wind and air and they are the scales, they are either super decisive or indecisive and are usually very thoughtful.
  5. xxweeaboo2009xx awesome, gemini is cool, my sister and my dad are both gemini and everyone I’ve had a crush on bar one was a gemini  so I know them well haha (I’m now dating a virgo lolz).
  6. redcockatrice I feel flattered that you did so! Another capricorn! And another sag moon, must mean people like the honesty of my blog XD And yes, taurus is one of my fave signs to show up because the imagery of the bull is so easy to interpret into any situation, but now I shall always think of it as the pokemon sign! XD
  7. doisey more libras! I think I knew you were a libra but you also exude the chill, interesting, thoughtful vibe of a libra. xxx
  8. @scarykarkat  hey there taurus, you have the same ascendant as me! Our pursuit in life is mystery and our ambitions are many and just as mysterious. I like scorpio in a natal chart, gives anyone a passionate kick :P