Smoochy smooches for a friend who was feeling crummy because smooches make everything better.  Expect a couple more sketches in the future because eeyyyyy do I love drawing these two.

Many thanks to Felixdeon (nsfw) for having such great stock images, super useful for anatomy practice!

How I categorize tmr ships
  • Benho:casual, chill, hand in the back pocket, we're adults
  • Nally:Quiet intellectuals drinking tea
  • Thomaris:hug me, fuck me, honestly why do I hang out with you? Haha we're totally adults
  • Thomally:it's like street fighting with more kissing
  • Minaris:smooches, so many smooches
  • Nalby:matching old men sweaters, grumpy old men in general
  • Alben:he'll fight you if you look at his boy wrong.
  • Naris:judging you together
  • Brenho:hotter then you
  • Brenewt:ruling the world in style
  • Brenderesa:so over boys, gonna give 'em hell
  • Minewt:fave, sassier then you, secret eyebrow language
  • Gallen:made for each other, duh
  • Gallesa:eyebrow game for days

Outfit of the night from this past Saturday. Thought I’d show my new Tributes off (thanks daddy), they were SOOO comfortable it was unreal. Highly recommend! For the haters who want to tell me my hips are too big, I look preggo, etc. save it! I love the way I look. Smoochies sugar dolls.