(light controller 0 looking very crarfully at the situation. ovbviously a major malfnction.) your lobe as BRIGHT as ever (ever veveveve vverv0 ) even IN THE shadows (ahasows hzaodw shadows) baby KISS me( ksis me kiss me skism) beforwe they turn the lights out (lgjt slih lsot ist thtutuis). your HEART is glowing. and i’;m CRASHING into yu 9(int  oyu). baby, KIS Sme (kiss me)>. ebfore they turn the lights ouit. before htye turn the lights out. baby , love me LIGHTSO UT IN THE DARKEST NIGHT OW.LLLLLLLLL (I NTHE DARKEST NIGHT OWWWWWWWWW) IS EARC THROUGH THE CTOWWWWWWD ( ISE ASRCH THROGU HTHR CROWWD ) TYUOYUR FACE IS ALL THAT ISE,E I IGIVE YOU EVEYRYTHUNG,M baby LOVE ME LIGHTS OUT, baby LOVE ME LIGHTS OUT , baby UTNR ME OLGIHTS OUT you don’t HAVE forever . ooh, baby daylight;s wa\sting (w\asting wasting) yuo better, KISS me (kiss me ksism e) before oyur time has run out. mmmmmmmmMMMMMMM YEYEYEyysYEyayahh noBODY sees what we seeeeeee. they’re just hopelessly gaziiiiiiiiiiing.,, ohhh. oh baby, take meee, meeeee. befoe they turn the lights out. before our time is run out. baby, love me LIGHTS OUUUT . I NTHE ADRKEST NOW, OWWWWWWWWWWW (IN THE ARKESTN IGHT MWOWWWWWW) I SEATCH THROUGH THE CROWWWWD 9 IS SEARHC HTORUGH THE CROWWWD)  Yoyur face is ALL THATI  se, i gIVE YIU EVEYRhting, baby love me lightso uuut ,lbaby lo em e lighros uuut, baby TYRN ME OELFGIHYGOSD UUUT I LVO EYOU LIKE XO (XO) YOU LOVE ME LIK EXO (XOOO) YOU KIL LME BOY XO (XO) YOU LOVE IT LIKE XOOO (XOo ) ALL THAT I SEE, GIVE MEVEYRTHIUNG, baby love me lights out, baby love me lights ouuut, you can turn me LIGHTS OUUUUT. (hooo, hooo, hoooo ,hoooooo. hoooooo, hooooooo, huaaooo, haouoooo.) in the DARKEST NIGHT OWWWWWW (NIN THE DARKEST NIGHT OWWWWWWWWW) I SEARCH TOUHGV THE CROWWWWD ( ISEARCH THROUGH THE CROWWWWWD0  OYUT FASCE IS ALL that isee, i GFIVE YOU eveythign,m baby lvoe me lights out, baby love me lights out, baby mtunr my lights ouUUT. (hoooooo, hooooo, hooooo, hooooooo. hoooooo, hoowooooo, hoooooo, hooooouuhhh.)

– XO, Beyoncé