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Some lovely new reviews from readers of my book On A Hill: 

"Such a great story. Narration was amazing, it was extremely well-written and fluid, and one of the most genuinely terrifying tales I’ve read, using suspense in the most efficient way possible. Seriously, buy it."

”Talk about twisting til the end! This book is dark, sinister, and scary all at once. What is up with that hill in the distance? Well, don’t ask anyone about it, for sure! Good story!!”

”This story was so incredibly creepy. It gave me chills. It was very well written. I couldn’t put it down. I loved it! I recommend this one if you want a good scary story.”

”Delightfully creepy novella… Strong characterizations and wonderful scene and situation descriptions. Believable and scary, which is hard to pull off, but this author makes it look easy.”


anonymous asked:

As a Christian there is one thing I've been struggling with and I thought maybe a second opinion/ brain could help shed some light on this conundrum. So my understanding is that God is omniscient therefore if he knows everything that we're going to do before we're even put on this planet, then isn't a bit sinister of him put some of us on this planet in first place if he knows we're going to sin and he's going to have to send us to burn in hell? He already knows our choice b4 we make them no?

i don’t pretend to know why or how God works. it is difficult to sit in 2014, not having experienced the past and unable to see the purpose. you may see it as sinister because you’re thinking from the perspective of if a person like you or me were in charge it would seem malicious. but God is bigger and greater than we are. we don’t know how or why things are the way they are. we just have to focus on the here and now.

Manipulated And Torn

The dim light flashed through the clear body of the crystal, reflecting his emerald gaze back at him briefly. Vynstalion shifted uncomfortably staring at the item, he had been given a task forced upon him. One that he was neither wanting to do, nor willing to. But he couldn’t help but question himself if he should, if he could. Double crossing this warlock didn’t seem to be the best of ideas even if he demanded of the mage such a sinister and ill task. Steal the souls of the departed from Oshu’gun… Orc souls or not. They were still beings.

His thumb traced the edge of the crystal in contemplation.


 He said he would kill her… You have to. You saw how quickly he dispatched the others… At the sound of footsteps approaching he immediately stashed the crystal back in his satchel. Looking to the doorway he saw her standing there, arms folded. “Going to sit inside and hide away all day?” She asked. He could hear the irritation in her voice, she was no fool and he knew she felt that something was afoot with him.

It’s not as if though he could tell her though. She would try to dissuade him, tell him to do otherwise. Put her own life on the line something which he was unwilling to let happen. “I’ll be out in a moment, Winter.” He offered her a small smile. No smile returned back towards him as she sighed leaving the doorway to rejoin the other Sunreavers. I can’t keep lying to her face like this…

I’ve been out of the KH fandom for about 7 years so I’m a little curious: do a lot of fans still interpret Ienzo/Zexion as emo? You know, I never really saw him that way. (Though I can understand why some fans do) Physical appearance: the hair is the most obvious reason but I see it as representing his sneaky, behind the scenes, deceptive nature.

Personality: as Ienzo we know from BBS that something happened to his parents (either abandoned him or died) and I’m sure this affected him greatly. But it’s hard to tell by what little we see of him in cutscenes. To me he comes across as observant and calculating more than sad. Sinister even.

As Zexion, he’s a diabolical manipulator who loves playing mind games with his enemies. Sure he prefers to spend time alone, usually reading, but as an introvert myself I do that a lot too. He gets irritated at other members but it’s usually when they’re slacking off (he seems to dislike laziness, and takes all missions/work very seriously).

I can totally see reasons why people would view him as emo but I don’t really headcanon him that way. Just wanted to share some thoughts and because I’m curious about peoples’ opinions.

transsolas replied to your post:I just don’t understand why fandom wants to make…

bc he’s a “trickster” and a “wolf” so obviously he’s some cackling, sinister villain intent on devouring lavellan whole. he’s ~lying to lavellan~ so obviously that’s out of maliciousness. ugh.

Yeah they just…take this imagery they see associated with darker things and run with it, without thinking of the deeper implications. Or what the narrative is trying to tell them.

And honestly, it just offends me on principle. Stay away from tricksters if you can’t deal with their complexity, because that’s a huge part of who they are.


“At times the world may seem an unfriendly and sinister place, but believe that there is much more good in it than bad. All you have to do is look hard enough. and what might seem to be a series of unfortunate events may in fact be the first steps of a journey.” - Lemony Snicket

The comedy in OB is amazing and necessary at times. But it seems like they’re marketing s3 as something much more dark and sinister than anything we’ve seen before. The question is, will there be room for shits and gigs if they do go down that path? More importantly though, is it necessary to keep Ali and Donnie accordingly?

Alison has, and always be, plot filler. As much as I think she’s hilarious and her shenanigans bring a (somewhat?) realistic perspective into this crazy world of science, I do feel like she has done her part in the grand scheme of things. Aynsleys murder? Resolved. Leekies murder? Resolved. (don’t get me started on the patents)

ALL OF THAT BEING SAID, and artistic integrity aside, the creators love Kristian and they seem to be fixating a lot on plot filler that isn’t necessary post-S1, as well as lots of comedy and fan service. I doubt they’ll change that in S3.

tl:dr They SHOULD kill Alison but they probably won’t.