~Il Sommo Poeta~ Evoking a sense of timeless mystery, and everyday magic…

Neil Gaiman
photographer: DividingMe
wardrobe/styling: Kambriel

Design shown: Black Wool Wrap by Kambriel

This shoot was an absolute blast (w/more photos forthcoming!). Thank you neil-gaiman for being such a willing spirit to my odd whims, and the tea, hugs, sinister Victorian-esque plottings, and much laughter shared that day!

anonymous asked:

How many boxfoxes can we order from your store? I plan on starting a small army in my room for sinister purposes.

As many as are in stock, I suppose. As of writing, that’s 189 Boxfoxes.

The record so far is 5 Boxfoxes in one order.

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'Paddington Goes Missing' Clip

Paddington and Hugh Bonneville visit the sinister sounding ‘Geographer’s Guild’ in this exclusive footage.

In cinemas November 28, 2014 (UK) / January 16, 2015 (US) / Other


VOTD: Belle and Sebastian - “The Party Line”

Let me start by stressing that musically, “The Party Line” is not reminiscent of any Belle and Sebastian song you cried over after a break up. Assuming that If You’re Feeling Sinister was a patient companion in the tough moments, “The Party Line” says, “Stop with the brooding and dance.” However, the video is classic Belle and Sebastian aesthetics with ’70s attire, tons of different monochromatic filters, and a weird fifteen seconds of silence at the end. The video is divided into sections, each one bringing more color and energy. Although their music has shifted a bit, Belle and Sebastian still present the same apathetic yet endearing indie vibe that can’t quite be replicated.

-Emily Hirsch


Rolling Stoppie!
Video Via: | @Sinister_Stunts |
Swivel: | @GetKillerShot |
Seeing This Dude Get Down in Person Is Too Crazy!
#BikesWithoutLimits #BWL #Sinister_Stunts

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