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Hi! Just wondering if you have any tips for making an Uberhood? :) And do you have to use SimPE for making all of the relationships and family connections- likewise, how do you get all of the sims from the different neighbourhoods from one neighbourhood to the other?

Hi hi! When I made my uberhood, I basically just followed the instructions in Meetmetotheriver’s post here. I picked Belladonna Cove as my main hood, then downloaded all the other hoods as subhoods (shopping districts). You can mix and match whichever ones you want to create an uberhood to your liking. There’s no need to futz with anything in SimPE - the Sims from different neighborhoods aren’t intended to have any familial connections with each other. Any new relationships will be made after you put your uberhood together and Sims start to appear in neighborhoods other than their own. ;) But the great thing about Meetme’s templates is that they are clean, fixed versions of the original EAxis neighborhoods. EAxis left quite a few things messed up in our games - borked face templates, memories, family trees, etc. Meetme took the time to fix these things for us. :) So whether you want to build an uberhood or play each neighborhood individually, I’d recommend downloading her templates either way! 

Hopefully this helps you out a bit! If you have any other questions, feel free to send them my way and I’ll see what I can do. :)


Juliana Paiva aproveita a tarde para fazer compras.  

A atriz sorriu para o paparazzo que a fotografava.

Na tarde desta sexta-feira (27), Juliana Paiva passeou em shopping na Barra da Tijuca e aproveitou para fazer compras.

A atriz foi flagrada em uma loja de roupas, em liquidação, olhando camisetas. Ao ver o paparazzo, ela foi simpática e sorriu.

Na última terça-feira, ela relembrou momentos felizes de sua vida e postou no Instagram uma montagem com três fotos de uma mesma ocasião. Depois de participar do quadro Dança dos Famosos, do Domingão do Faustão, a moça está aproveitando o descanso das telinhas.


Encontré a esta chica ayer en la tarde, fue por casualidad al buscar unos DIY, y ¡Oh por Dios!, es un amor, es tan simpática, ya vi todos sus videos, y no se, es tan bonita, y me encanta que a pesar de ese problema que tiene, ella sabe que tiene seguir adelante, me fascina May ♥

say it with me now

  • having a kpop blog does not mean kpop is the only music i listen to
  • having a kpop blog does not mean i hate american music
  • having a kpop blog does not mean i fetishsize koreans
  • having a kpop blog does not mean the only people/celebrities i find attractive are korean
  • having a kpop blog does not mean i want to live in south korea to be closer to idols
  • having a kpop blog does not make me some fountain of korean culture knowledge
  • having a kpop blog does not mean i dont care about anything except kpop




Day 6 of 16: Favorite Hug
↳”Actually I, uh, I can’t have kids, so that’s not an issue.
Is it weird that I’m hugging you like this?
No, it’s not weird.
  Now, it’s weird.”
Rain makes it weird."—The Lighthouse (09x08)