pictures of my tattoo~

(it’s already started to scab over a bit which is why it looks all ripply)

Corafen things I need in my life:

  • Fenris running feathers up Cora’s arms. 
  • Cora teaching Fenris how to play chess.
  • Massages.
  • Bathtime. With bubbles. 
  • Cora teaching Fenris how to cook.
  • Cora getting totally disoriented and having to rely on Fenris to get sorted out. Probably in battle.
  • Cora’s staff being shattered, Cora herself missing, and Fenris in a panic. 
  • Cora healing Fenris.
  • Fenris protecting Cora.
  • Lazy cuddling.
  • Telling each other stories.

#i just love the fact that derek has grown to respect scott #i mean he taught scott everything he knew #and then he watched that little beta grow into a true alpha while losing his pack and his alpha abilities #but instead of showing jealousy or resentment #he is more supportive of scott now than ever before #and i just think that’s really nice

Hellooooo Officer Mako

this is not from book 4. this is a manip. this is not from book 4. this is a manip.

So I was doing a small marathon of Book 1 today, and for some reason or another, I thought it might be fun to try to put Mako’s police uniform on one of his Book 1 shots. And it was. This isn’t the best since all I have right now is a mouse, but it turned out a lot better than I expected. ^^

We have watched Klaine be friends, boyfriends, ex-boyfriends and fiances. 

Now I want to watch them be newlyweds. 

So I don’t want Glee to end with Klaine wedding. 

I want season 6 to START with Klaine wedding.