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I have a serious question. What in the ever loving hell are they feeding Jungkook?? He grew soooo much. I am not prepared for him to suddenly be mature. (Then I see him on dubsmash and am slightly comforted)

Tbh, I don’t know :/ (maybe they’re doing some Captain America shizz on him. lol) But whatever it is they’re doing to him….

/dies…makes unnecessary sounds/



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Citrus Ch.16 Raws

Mei.. Yuzu……. \♡¤♡/Finally… *starts rolling on the floor like a hormonal fangirl* Now, I’m dying to know what was said and what happens next chapter between both girls *INTERNAL KYAA-ing like nobody’s business* and Harumin’s sis??? Aww shizz I wonder what part she is going to play in the story, maybe we’ll get some Harumin backstory?…. now time to stare at this chapter for a couple more hours.

Before I accidentally became a SAHD, I had this fantasy that life at home with my kids would involve lotsa of mid-day naps with my baby girl. Turns out a) my baby girl doesn’t really like to nap during the day and b) there’s lotsa of shizz to do during the day and ain’t nobody got time for naps, amirite?

This afternoon, my baby girl decided to take a nap and since I got all of my Sunday shizz done, I decided to take a nap with her. That is until the boy came screaming into my room, asking me to buy an app for him on my iPhone. 

I was all, Dude, I wuz having a moment with my baby girl!!! And the boy was all, “I hate to break it to you, dad, but that moment has passed. What’s your iTunes password?”

I dunno about you, but the series finale of Mad Men and David Lettermen’s final bow on The Late Show were both kinda sorta whatevs for me.


Shadowhunter Love Runes

Philia; It is a dispassionate virtuous love. It includes loyalty to friends, family and community and requires virtue, equality and familiarity.
Storge; An affectionate love that slowly develops from friendship, based on similarity.
Agape; Selfless altruistic love. It is a love that is totally selfless where a person gives love to another person even if this act does not benefit him/her in any way. Whether the love given is returned or not, the person continues to love.
Banquet; It is a love that expresses itself through altruism or making sacrifices for another person.
Mania; Obsessive love. Experiences great emotional highs and lows. While intimate and intense, it often includes jealousy, possessiveness and a lack of communication.
Ludus; A love that is played as a game or sport; conquest. A ludic lover wants to have fun, but doesn’t necessarily want a serious relationship.
Pragma; Love that is driven by the head, not the heart. It is a practical love.
Eros; A passionate physical and emotional love based on aesthetic enjoyment; stereotype or romantic love. The kind that gives you butterflies in your stomach and a tingling in certain other places. [Source: x]

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I'm so pissed and heartbroken over her death. Like, at least with Kevin we got to see Dean mourning. This one gave us a two second clip of her lying dead in a bathtub. Ugh just everything about this episode pissed me off. They could have had so many other scenarios where she would have lived, I just don't get it. I dunno what I'm going to do if they don't bring her back.

They didn’t even show her death scene. They just showed her dead. Fuck this episode.