500 Million in Debt

Title:  500 Million in Debt

Pairings: Shizuo x Izaya x Tsugaru x Psyche

Rated: R

Summary:  Izaya buys Psyche at an auction. Later he buys Tsugaru as well. Psyche and Tsugaru only wishes to please his master, though Shizuo disapproves.

Kinkmeme: 120, 121, 122, 123, 124, 125

Fanfiction.netChapter 28

Ao3:  chapter 28

quick thank you to my beta,  queerschtein ~!

We’re FINALLY at the half point of this more than 4 years old fanfic sob… Thank you for reading ♥

ashurikakko asked:

(Oh my god I thought your blog died. ) Hey Shizuo or mod, you do know what Vorona and you do to Izaya in the Manga right? :)

(( Yeah it died for like a year and a half im sorry I was busy trying to get into university! OTL ))

Spoilers under here so read at your own risk

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