British nationalists riot in Glasgow after Scotland’s independence vote

One day after Scotland voted to stay in the United Kingdom, British nationalists have taken to the streets of Glasgow to celebrate their victory.

The gathering began as a show of British national pride, but it quickly developed into what many witnesses are describing as a riot.

Protesters carrying U.K. flags and banners associated with the pro-Union Protestant Orange Order had to be separated from Scottish independence campaigners by Glasgow police.

One Vine video shows a young woman with a Scottish flag being dragged on the ground by a man holding a British Union flag. Some photos being shared on Twitter also seem to show pro-Union demonstrators performing the Nazi salute.


Moreover, as in true Once fashion, we will most certainly see an abundance of parallels between the Frozen characters and our heroes. Actors Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue revealed that not only will Elsa and Emma form a friendship (surely formed from a shared possession of magic difficult to control), but we will also see parallels between Anna and Kristoff and Emma and Hook, as well as Anna and Elsa to the couple. Perhaps we will see Emma’s magic go awry as Elsa’s did, and see her back away from Hook, only to discover that fully embracing their love will help her to ultimately control her power and be happy.
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Yesterday i hit 1000 followers. I never expected so many people to share the same interests as me. It’s truly amazing to have you all here, thank you so much.

So here’s a giveaway to celebrate!


  • You don’t have to be my follower
  • Like or/and reblog (all reblogs count only once) - two entries max

A pic of one or two transformers characters of your choice (but no humans, holomatter avatars, bayformers or OCs). Pic can be as gay as you wish, as long as it doesn’t have dicks in it it’s sfw.

Giveaway ends 25th September. Good luck! ˙ ͜ʟ˙

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Dear Friends,

Today, we are releasing the official music video for our song “Not So Body Posi After All” into the world. I am so excited to share it with you and I hope you share it too. This music video is about learning to be comfortable in your own skin, and learning to love your body, even if it sometimes feels like goofy mush. 

Thank you to all of my friends who bared their souls (AND THEIR BODS), for this project. They are brave and beautiful people and I wouldn’t want to live in a world without them. Thank you to the Goddess House collective for providing a safe and beautiful venue to film at and BIG THANK YOU’S to Miranda Reilly, Daniel Torres and Cameron Hughes who helped with the filming of this video. They are amazing people, who also volunteer at an amazing space called Bridgetown DIY.

I hope you guys like the video. Please be respectful in your comments. Any body shaming or sexualizing comments would be antithetical to the message of the song/video.

Love, Dan

One-pot low spoon chili

This recipe is easy to do variations on depending on your food needs, spoons, and tastes. I’ll share my favorite way to do it =)

  • 1lb ground meat (I always use turkey, vegetarians could sub extra beans or another favorite protein)
  • 2 cans of your favorite beans (I use garbanzo and pinto)
  • 1 can of diced tomatos (I like the kind with celery and onion mixed in for flavor - if you like spicy chili maybe try the kind with peppers?)
  • 3-4 portions of your favorite rice (Minute brand makes a multi-grain medley that is delicious in this!)
  • *** optional veggies if you would like and have the energy to chop them: a bell pepper or two? A few stalks of celery? Some fresh diced onion?
  • 4 cups of your favorite stock/broth (any flavor)
  • Seasonings (salt, pepper, garlic/onion powder, etc) to taste
  • BBQ sauce to taste (about 1/2 to 1 cup - try Archer Farms Sweet Hickory from Target)
  • Your favorite shredded cheese to garnish

Get out a big stock pot. Cook the meat in the bottom, breaking it up into small pieces (season it while cooking if you like). Don’t bother draining it. Dump everything else in on top, stir it up, and cook 20-30 minutes at a low simmer, covered and stirring occasionally.

Leftovers reheat just as good if not better than the fresh chili - portion it out into tupperwares and stash in your fridge or freezer for an easy meal. Depending on your sauce and season choices, this is easy to make gluten free. Other allergens can be substituted out pretty easily as well. Could be easily doubled if you’ve got a pot big enough and want to stash a bunch in your freezer, or feed a group without exhausting yourself (or making a mess of your kitchen!)

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I sent this a while back a and I didn't think you got it. About a year ago me and my sister were surfing YouTube for some Zelda videos. Keep in mind me and my sister have like nothing and common and often argue. But we found your videos and we were dying in laughter. Now, whenever a new video comes out me and my sister crowd together and watch it. Thank you for bringing us two sisters closer.

That’s really sweet. Thanks for sharing, and thank you for watching! =) 

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This one guy I really like and met over the summer goes to my school. But he's 2 years older than me and he acts like I don't exist but we shared quite a few laughs and teases over the summer. What should I do? Damn that's a long ass question

forget him. anyone who pretends you don’t exist is a fuckboy

A haiku from the article: Will Congress Bother to Debate War Against ISIS?

From @mildredthecat: “What’s so great about Mildred? She may have a tiny head, but she’s got a big heart. She’ll greet you at the door and sleep under the covers next to you at night. Plus she’s the softest cat you’ll ever pet.” #MyGreatCat by @ProPlanCat #ProPlanCatPartner #catsofinstagram
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                            so, um, hi ? 

birthdays are weird. i find them weird, in a peculiar, philosophical sense that would probably bore you guys should i ever expand on my views of it. but, all of that aside, GUYS. this post isn’t so much about my birthday as it is about thanking all of you for sticking around with me for nine months already. elsie’s been my longest muse so far, and everything i’ve done and everything i’ve shared with every single one of you has contributed to what is an incredible journey. and, as all follow forevers go, i’m pretty sure i’m going to forget a couple of beautiful people because of my stupid memory, but i just want you all to know that i love each and every single one of you, and that you’re all the reason why i’m still here. those on this list aren’t even half of the people i’d like to thank for their continued support and love, so i’ll say it now: if you even happen to glance at this little post thingy, thank you; i love you very much.

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140919 - JYJ on Thai CH3 evening news: IAG, changing the lives of its performing artists

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what is the most awkward fan moment u've ever had

I’ve had a few awkward experiences, but nothing that I ever found offensive! I’m a pretty awkward person in real life as well, so it’s NBD to me most of the time. I don’t feel comfortable sharing them though. I don’t want to embarrass anyone. =) 

I recently discovered that a picture of me, shared by Smosh, became viral.


My friend and I saw this, so naturally, I’m going to check it out.


…and here I am.


Seeing that they had the content source, I became curious. Did they really give me credit and not tell me they were using my picture that I took on my ipod 5? Nope. They got it from Memebase… but where did Memebase get it?


So, I checked out who posted it there or whatever. I don’t know how Memebase works.


Who is Izismile?


I still don’t know who they are. I don’t know who any of these people are. All I know is that I do not appreciate my picture going around without the knowledge of this occurring and without receiving my rightful credit. I posted this picture on facebook. I did not want to “share with the world” like Smosh said. I wanted to show this picture to my family and friends on facebook. People on the internet are posing as me for attention, and that really bothers me. If you really want this kind of attention, then stage a picture like this with your own friends. Don’t steal my face.


"and a  democratic state is impossible if people are not given access to true information.This is not a democracy. We were provoked by fear and influencing people based on their football team and religion."



Minor information for my art.

Announcer.   [Portal Wiki]    [Announcer Art]
Minor character in Portal2. Supporting & lover of GLaDOS. His hobby is a puzzle & sleep…And tease GLaDOS. The tallest among the staff. (GLaDOS met the man who was taller than oneself for the first time.)

Mini Cat Chells.
The cat which GLaDOS made for harassment to Chell. Say “mew mew”. Most become stray kittens in facilities. Favorite food is apples. The upper ear is a fake.

Bird mask.
The mask which Chell made. She puts on a mask and chases Wheatley. Best time of Chell.

Name is Algernon. Because Doug shared food, rats increased. The rat is very clever under the influence of the chemical substance in facilities.

Wheatley made. Living doll…?

Turret of unrequited love.
She was helped by a Doug. Thereafter this Turret thinks him to be a prince and loves him.