While the Netflix Zelda TV series may not be a real thing (we honestly just don’t know, Nintendo likes to talk circles around things), that doesn’t mean a trailer couldn’t possible exist right? Right. Okay, so this is a totally fake trailer, but it’s pretty funny and comes from the fine folks over at Smosh. They are known for their parody videos and they have covered Zelda before in some other hilarious forms. This time they take on the Netflix rumor and run it with a trailer long joke of incest. I know, that sounds terrible, but it actually works surprisingly well in context with the whole trailer and the Zelda series. - See more at: http://www.zeldainformer.com/news/smosh-gives-us-a-leaked-legend-of-zelda-netflix-trailer#.VTHMUSFVhBc

BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia Board Game

Set during the same series of events as the video game, players take on the role of the Founders and Vox Populi factions, desperately seeking to seize control of Columbia.

  • For 2 or 4 players
  • Takes 60-90 minutes to play
  • Based on the critically acclaimed BioShock Infinite video game

List Price: $64.95     Price: $42.99    You Save: $21.96  (34%)

So my mom found one of my old toys from when I was growing up at my grandmother’s house, hey pan-pizza do you know where this toy is from? I completely forgot what the toy’s series is. All I know is that it’s a cartoon about sharks with boxing gloves

Daddy Luke - Part Two

Pairing: Luke & Y/N 

Words: 2000+ 

Warning: None, this isn’t daddy kink.

Thank you for all your supportive messages regarding Daddy Luke Part One! I’m really glad you all liked it. There will be a third and final part to end the series. Please give me some feedback, i love hearing how much you guys like my writing! xx

Masterlist | Ask | Part One

(Gif isn’t mine) 

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I know it’s like illegal to say anything negative about crow if you’re a hawks fan but the Corey Crawford we know from the 2nd half of the regular season is not the same Corey Crawford that has been on the ice tonight. I love crow but right now he is the farthest thing from himself. Sure it didn’t help having Roszival out there or having Vermette scratched but this was the obvious predominant issue tonight. We took 1 out of 2 in Nashville and i’m ok with that. Now it’s a brand new 5 game series basically and we have 3 of the home games. Time to regroup, adjust and get set for an intense game 3. 


Hello everyone! We would like to invite you all to participate with us in #DnAWeek! The upcoming event is scheduled for May 11th to 20th.

An entire week plus 3 bonus days dedicated to the series Daiya no Ace where we can spread our love through edits, graphics, gifs, picspams, fanarts, AMVs, fanmixes, fanfics, cosplays, anything you want (as long as it’s your own work) and tag it with #dnaweek so we will be able to see and reblog it. To help inspire you all, we’ve provided you with prompts based on some Daiya no Ace manga chapters titles. We’re counting on the collaboration of everyone who wants to contribute to the week!

These are the prompts for each day:

  • May 11th || Day 1: Head and Spirit
  • May 12th || Day 2: Potential
  • May 13th || Day 3: 3rd Year Student Pride
  • May 14th || Day 4: The Fierce Battle
  • May 15th || Day 5: Honor and Pride
  • May 16th || Day 6: Hero
  • May 17th || Day 7: Bonds
  • May 18th || Day 8: Echo
  • May 19th || Day 9: Dream
  • May 20th || Day 10: Shine On

PS.: Don’t forget to read our rules to know how to participate and remember to tag your work as #dnaweek within the first 5 tags or you can also submit it to us. If you have any questions just ask us!!!!

“Antenna Trial” from the Super Homeroom doujin [here].

I find it kind of interesting that Western fans of the series call their cowlicks an “ahoge” more often than Japanese fans, who (from my observation) call them “antennas.” 

Sidenote: Chiaki refers to a “world line,” which is a physics term for the path of an object that traces its location in space at every instance in time. She’s basically just asking what AU they would need to be in for all three protagonists to exist at the same time in their current forms.

heart murmurs - a daredevil fic

In which Matt Murdock finds that he has unexpectedly, fallen for three people.

Or, that series of ficlets rolled into one about how Foggy, Karen, and Claire sneak their way into Matt Murdock’s heart.

(He thinks of lilacs, candles, and the autumn rain – most of all, he thinks of home.)

(read it on ao3} | more under the cut! 

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Oh our confidence is always there. I mean we know what he’s done for this team throughout the regular season, in the past years, and even uh the playoff series that he’s won. And the fact that he you know is arguably one of our top players and one of our most valuable players when we won the Stanley Cup a few years ago. There’s no doubt that every star player has moments where maybe they’re exposed, and I think people look at certain guys more and ya know I think in the goaltenders position everyone knows in hockey that things go wrong for your team its always easy to blame that guy. So I think as a team we take responsibility for what I was just saying a minute ago. The odd man rush, the quality chances we’ve been giving up that are going in on us. And we know we gotta try and clean that up in front of him and make his job a little easier. We know he’ll find a way to get that confidence going, and his swagger going, because we all know what type of goaltender he can be. So there’s no problem there at all.
—  Jonathan Toews on his confidence in Crawford
Moonlight Memory Series Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Umbrella Review ☽

Order date: 04/03/15

Arrival date: 04/15/15

Rating: 5/5

Website: ebay.com


This umbrella is perfection ♥ It’s hUGE. I absolutely love it. It looks like Usagi’s umbrella, but the one I got was blue. It also comes in red and pink! It looks exactly the way it does in the photo, and I love that it comes with a little bag(?) to put your umbrella in c: 

Sorry for the blurry pic!

Even the tag is adorable!

I opened it outside ‘cause I’m a dork/kinda superstitious. Look at how big it is!!! It’ll definitely keep me dry in the rain, and my backpack as well~

Top of the umbrella.

Inside of umbrella + handle.

It has a button that helps you open and close it. Very useful~

I’m very happy with my purchase! It came in the mail sooner than I thought, and it’s just adorable. ♥ I can’t wait to use it in the rain~ If you purchase it, take note that you have to write in the order message what color you would like. I highly recommend this umbrella to anyone, especially Sailor Moon fans! I wanted to purchase the other umbrellas that are up for pre-order (the Sailor Scout themed ones), but they were too expensive imo. This one is just as cute, and only for $21.99, and free shipping :D Thanks for reading! ♥


New photos from Sakura-Con! We had so much fun bringing our BH6 cosplays to a con, and I’m super happy that I opted to buy my talking Baymax plushie to take with us. ;w;

Event - Sakura-Con 2015 | Characters - Hiro Hamada, Gogo Tomago | Series - Big Hero 6

Hiro - artofprocrastination | Gogo - anyapanda-official

Photography - avieur