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And we’re back for another session of: "me trying to sort of explain how I draw the things I draw and never remember how I drew them in the first place so I have to make up new ways to draw them because it’s too much work to go find the old drawing."

So when I start drawing a turian I almost always look up THIS reference of Saren because I worship Saren and love the way he looked and like to apply his body structure to every turian I draw. Saren has:
-Narrow but bony hips
-More muscle mass around his legs and torso
-Long awesome claws

Now, I’ve always been in the camp of turians look more crustacean/insectoid than avian, just out of personal arting preference. I know they’re meant to look avian and like raptors but I just have a personal penchant for bugs and shellfish and things like that, so I enjoy drawing that kind of stuff the most. I look up lots of reference shots of crustancean carapace and how it’s formed around their bodies, I love wasp bodies too and look to them a lot for inspiration. I’ve always thought the turians had a very wasp-like face with the mandibles and the W-lips. Now that’s JUST ME AND MY PERSONAL PREFERENCE, every turian look is fantastic! <3

I also often struggle to draw how muscles and body parts fit together on a shape so I look at a lot of deffed muscles/athlete male and female model pictures to get inspired! Also oogle tons of the stylings of my favorite comic book/concept artists like Joe Mad, Olivier Vatine, Kinu Nishimura, Elliot Fernandez, Claire Wendling, Fiona Staples and so on. I apply a lot of human musculature to my turians, sometimes to the point where it looks totally stupid I know, but I just like drawing things differently each time, sometimes it ends up pretty cool sometimes just plain what the heck, you know how it is! I have fun nevertheless! It really has helped me improve a lot to reference human anatomy while drawing my favorite subject matter. It’s hella fun to play with muscles, plating placements and body structure!


Second image is a quick sketch of how I most often throw together turian plating. Now the half-cowl or split-cowl thing is something I wanted to play around with after some Mass Effect developer mentioned something about the cowl being part of the shoulder-blade armor on the turians, which made me go “HMMMMM!” and I just thought it looked spikey and cool so I stuck with it and I got to draw more of those awesome neck plates I love so much. 

I draw turians in 1 million different ways almost all the time, they are so fun to draw and I don’t think anything ever needs to look a SPECIFIC way ever unless you’re commissioned to draw it in a SPECIFIC way, but that’s just me and I really have no idea what I’m talking about. Have FUN! I think everyone draws turians fiftyeleven times cooler than I do and I’m ALWAYS so inspired when someone came up with a new way to draw their bodies. It’s the coolest ever!

Doodled up for the really fantastic lady-turiansexual!
Reference pictures:


'Stay the hell away from that girl. Because wherever she goes, death follows.

'You've had a big impact on him. He’s different than how I remember him.’

Folks are MAD, y'all

I haven’t ranted in a while. Let’s see if I can break down why folks are mad:

1. They assumed Carol wouldn’t play much of a role in saving the group from Terminus, but she orchestrated the whole thing and is pretty much the reason they’re all still alive.

2. They assumed Carol would have to beg Rick to take her back into the group, but instead he basically groveled at her feet and asked if she would accept him.

3. They assumed Carol’s story was over, but she’s been a major focus this season and her fan base has increased like mad.

4. They assumed that scene in “Strangers” would be about Daryl being angry with Carol, but instead he watched over her and asked her to “start over” with him.

5. They assumed Daryl would stop at nothing to find Beth, but instead he was ready to hop on a church bus and head to DC.

6. They assumed “Consumed” would be all about Daryl focusing on Beth and even that he would reveal his supposed romantic feelings for her to his “buddy” Carol, but instead the episode was primarily about Carol’s story and about how the two of them interacted with each other.

7. They assumed this season would be all about Beth and even about a relationship with Daryl, but instead all the promo materials focus on Daryl with Carol and there’s a strong likelihood that Beth’s story will end in the MSF.

8. They get pissy when we call Carol/MMB the Queen, but they’ve had to read that moniker in reviews from tv critics and even hear it spoken by a character on the show. Ouch.

I’m sorry folks are disappointed by the way the show is going, but all of this stuff was as plain as potatoes, as Abe would say. If you’re upset, you shouldn’t be pissed at Gimple or anyone but yourself, for listening to people who have their own bizarre reasons for hating Carol or for failing to pay attention to the show. Maybe you should sit back and watch the TWD that’s actually on our screens instead of the one you created out of thin air. It’s actually a really good show.

fic: new everything

Ten/Rose, set after The Christmas Invasion. Wrote this immediately upon seeing this post. (rointheta discovered that the person who wrote the tags on that post was doctoruwu who has since changed their url to something idk. BUT I wanted to find out who wrote those tags because they were uncredited and perfect and inspired me to write this. So, thanks :D)

It started off fairly crack-y but then kinda got a bit more serious the more I wrote, idk. It was gonna be a ficlet. It turned into roughly 4,500 words. 

It only occurred to the Doctor to check things out down there at the end of the night.

Earlier, when he’d been deciding what to wear upon changing out of Howard’s pyjamas, he hadn’t looked. He’d still had his pants on under the pyjama bottoms, so he simply did a quick change out of the pjs and into the pinstripes and then promptly became preoccupied with looking at his hair and jawline in the mirror.

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based on (aka completely stolen from) this prompt post, so expect no originality :3

Kibum sort of knows to expect the slight thrum of a headache when he laboriously blinks his eyes open. It’s way too early to be even thinking of getting up, he decides as the red digital numbers blink 5:37 at him. He stretches, pushes a hand underneath the way too fluffy pillow and buries his face into it. Who even wants to be awake at this hour?

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Hi, I am Erica! How are you? :) I am a game developer and I and my team are currently working on a latest game. We would like to ask you a favor. Can you test it out and see how it works? Will take ONLY few seconds! Would appreciate your opinion and feedback. Try it on my Tumblr. Thank you very much darling, tell my how it was we can chat later!! Erica :)*~

get a real job oyu fucking hippie

“People that hate Ashfur for the fire scene and love Hollyleaf really piss me off. They hate Ashfur for a crime he didn’t even commit, yet coddle and praise and defend Hollyleaf even though she slaughtered a warrior of her own Clan in cold blood.”

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What do you think about White people getting a tattoo with an indigenous background?

No, no and NO. Please. Let us have something for ourselves. But, what is even meant by “Indigenous background” (always capitalise the “i” when referring to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples)? Is it a Black man with a lap-lap on holding a spear, staring off into the distance??? Also, we’re not accessories. We are human beings. Furthermore, our cultures are not for sale and they don’t exist for white people to exploit and steal for their weird tattoos.