Randy gave a heavy sigh as he stared out the window. Droplets of water tapped on the glass before sliding down. He was bored, sooooo bored. Normally he’d be rejoicing for the lack of sunshine. He’d be stuck inside and playing away on Grave Puncher for the rest of the day. He loved the rain, but only when he wasn’t planning on dragging Danny to the park. So much for a picnic…

"Randy," Danny called from the kitchen making him jump. Oh cheese, oh cheese. Danny walked in and held up the cooler he was carrying. “What’s this?”

Randy felt his heart pounding in his chest. So much for his master hiding spot, granted hiding anything under a pile of newspapers kind of screamed “something is hidden under here!” Randy laughed nervously, “I-it’s a cooler…” /He was so dead. Caught and dead/ Danny raised an eyebrow, staring at Randy. “What?” Randy shrugged his shoulders and did his best to avoid eye contact, “I’m not hiding anything.”

"Never said you were."

Randy’s felt his heart sank, “W-well…”

Danny placed the cooler on top of the coffee table and pulled the blanket out from underneath the coffee table. They really needed to find a better storage place for it. “Well what? What were you planning?”

Randy turned back to the window, attempting to hide his nervousness, “I-I wasn’t planning anything.” He stared at Danny in the refection of the window, watching him lay the blanket out on the floor. Wait a minute… He turned back to Danny and blinked.

Danny was sitting on the blanket staring back at him. He tapped the cooler, “What were you planning?” Randy opened his mouth to say something, but was quickly cut off, “And don’t lie to me.”

Randy sighed in defeat, “A picnic…” he mumbled.

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  • Gaston:I only wished to save her
  • Maleficent:I only wished to be invited to the party
  • Scar:I only wished to improve relations between the races
  • Captain Hook:I only wished to teach the boy a responsibility-
  • Ursula:I only wished to give the people a voice
  • Captain Hook:-so he wouldn't end up like me
  • Cruella De Vil:I only wished to have a coat made out of puppies.
  • Maleficent:WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?
Mother Goddess (Matrika) One of a group of 7 mother goddesses sprung from a Hindu male god. Despite their beauty, matrikas represent dangerous and malevolent forces—the devourers of children and bearers of sickness and disease. Though integral to early temple iconography, their power was so threatening they were marginalized, consigned to shrines beyond city boundaries. Their combined power is understood to be embodied in the mother goddess, Durga.

Period: Post-Gupta period

Date: mid- 6th century

Culture: India (Rajasthan, Tanesara)

Medium: Gray schist

Dimensions: H. 24 1/2 in. (62.2 cm)

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